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Where are you from?


Late to the party. I’m from El Paso, TX and I rent an ensuite room with separate entrance in my home.


Were you born and raised in El Paso, @KKC?


I’d love to get ahold of the article; is it on line? Yes, he was Air Force. Flew 79 missions over Italy, bombing a bridge over the Brenner Pass used to supply the Germans in Italy.

My mom was raised in a mill village called Chick Springs. My grandfather worked 6 12 hour days in that mill in brutal conditions. Yet raised flowers in his ‘spare’ time and sold them to make enough to keep his family fed. Crazy days. My folks had their first date at Paris Mountains State Park, and that’s where my husband proposed to me. They went to The Clock often - do you ever go there?

Yes, I’m so thankful to still have them in my life. They are in Mobile now - to far away!!!

My mom’s aunt had 13 children - name is brown - yes, some are still living there, but I’m not in touch with them.


I was not born here. Coincidentally my father was also in the Air Force. I was born in the Philippines where I lived until about 9 months old. Then we were stationed in El Paso. Then Italy. My father got ill in Italy and we lived in Memphis and Ardmore, OK then moved back to El Paso the summer before my 2nd grade year. I’ve lived here since.


There isn’t a lot on the website about Donaldson, but here it is:
Also I just looked for images relating to Donaldson military history. You might be interested in seeing them. I was. https://www.google.com/search?q=donaldson+center+greenville+sc+army+history&rlz=1C1FGGD_enUS498US501&biw=1242&bih=589&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwie1KPg2pzRAhXDTSYKHVIhDywQ_AUICygE
Also, just found this: http://www.wikiwand.com/en/United_States_Air_Forces_Central_Command
I know of Chick Springs. I grew up down the road in Laurens. Both my father and his parents worked in mills. To which Clock Drive-In are you referring? lol There are many here.
As to the Browns there are some in Laurens and my previous dentist was a Brown. His dad was a musician and he wrote and directed a score for me many years ago for a pageant. We have much in common.

Hope you find some interesting things on the websites.


Hy, Im from Croatia, Split


@EllenN are those bookshelves? If so I’m in love with your place!!


Yes, they are bookshelves. Thank you very much for the compliment.


I’m having guest use my mountain home when I’m not there. I’m in the north Georgia (USA) mountain town of Dahlonega.


Grafton, northern New South Wales Australia.


I originally posted back in November before everyone started posting pix; so thought I’d show you our Poolside Cabana With Gourmet Flair

This is my Anglo-American Breakfast (one serving)


I’m from Greenville, SC, too! Do you manage yourselves?

We will have a 3BR/2BA, and then a garage apartment.


We do manage ourselves. We are pretty new at it; did not rent enough last year to count. This year is somewhat better. It’s cool, esp. here in #YeahThatGreenville!


We live in Astoria, NY. It’s in Queens. We have been sharing our guest room for 4.5 years (though the first 6 months was for free with college students), and are in the process of listing our day bed… once i get a location bug fixed. (Growl)


Hi. I’m from York England. Just started oitbthisbweekend having guests


And a wonderful place it is too! I love York.


Yes it’s a great place to live and a great place for visitors


I wish more foreign tourists to the UK would realise that England isn’t all about London! So many people I know here (USA) have been to the UK but have only experienced London. York and Yorkshire have much more to offer!


When we visit, we often have limited time or are there with no transportation. We have to take trains or buses out to the country. Last time we missed Stonehenge, because we woke up too late.

My first visit, I stayed out in Epsom (which is still considered part of London) so my friends took me to Henry 8 palace… I stayed in my other friend’s mews house in Knightsbridge. . I also stayed out in Surrey in her country estate. But there were only cows and pubs out there and London seemed more exciting in comparison. :joy: my second visit I only stayed in Knightsbridge. :heart_eyes:


Yes, York and Yorkshire have a lot to offer - but not as much as Lancashire! (old rivalries manifesting themselves).

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