When reviewing guests

I am a relatively new host and was wondering, when reviewing a recent guest, if I choose “no” for the question “would you recommend this guest to other hosts?”, does the recent guest see this? Just wondering cos there are the occasional guests that I’d prefer not to see back at my place lol. Thanks for any info you may have on this!

It says right on the page where you would chose “yes” or “no” that the guest won’t see your answer. Edit: On the desktop it says this. If you use mobile, then I don’t know.

Whether or not you trust anything that Airbnb says they’re software will do is a completely different story.

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Hi Brian, thanks for the info (I always seem to be doing my reviews on my phone so that may well be the reason I haven’t seen that notice!)

I’m pretty sure that the guest doesn’t see it but it wouldn’t matter if they did, would it? You don’t want them back so you’ve no reason to want to stay in their good books. You’re not saying that they are serial killers or axe murderers, just that they weren’t a good fit for you and your style of hosting and that you personally wouldn’t want to host them again. There could be many reasons for that.

However, it does help those of us who use instant book because it weeds them out. (Allegedly).

It’s more important though to leave a really accurate review so that future hosts get the whole picture.

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Thanks for your input Jaquo! So are you saying that if I answer “no” to that question, they would have to request to book, they wouldn’t be able to instant book?

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Yes that is correct. 20202020