When It Rains It Pours

This is more of a rant than anything, but if anyone has any advice, I’m all ears.

Owner occupied home, we rent out two separate ensuite rooms. The summer tourist season has been going along well, with all 5 star reviews across the board all season long. So far.

Two guests ago, upstairs guests gave us a 4 overall and mentioned in private feedback (very kind of them) that the bed was WAY too soft. They suggested this thing sold by the Pottery Barn, I think, called a Bunkie Board. Again, nice suggestion, but I didn’t see how that product was going to solve a too soft mattress. Anyway, I decided to not worry about it because this is the first complaint we’ve ever had about that mattress, and lots of people raving about how comfy it is.

Last Sunday two new sets of guests checked in. Upstairs guests also complained about the bed being too soft. And demanded we do something about it. And then, downstairs guests complained that our 2 year old Nest Alexander Signature Series was A) too hard, and B) defective.

Big Sigh.

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If you’ve had more than one complaint about the bed maybe it would be a good idea to try to do something about it. Is it possible to buy a mattress pad that maybe has a bit of firmness to it?

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It may be time to sleep in the bed and see if it has changed over time and become maybe saggy (if that’s a word) and soft , instead of just soft. Sometimes you don’t know how saggy a bed has become just by looking at it - you need to have a full night sleep in it. It’s always worthwhile to check it out yourself.


Sleep in the bed. Maybe something’s broken. Too soft? Put a cut-to-fit piece of 1/4" or 1/2" plywood between the mattress and springs.


Yes, we’re looking into a mattress topper that will help to firm up a soft mattress. Such a thing needs to be made of a particular, more dense, foam than what is typically available locally, so we’ll have to order it and have it shipped. Weighing that against the cost of a new mattress.

I agree, it would be good to sleep on the mattress myself, but we’re booked solid, LOL!

For those of you that have been doing this for a long time, how long have you been able to use a mattress before replacing it? The one we have upstairs, while not super expensive, was not cheap either. We paid $600 for it 3 years ago. I really expected it to last longer. And our Next Alexander is only 2 1/2 years old. I have no idea what exactly the guest meant by it being “defective”.

Those of you that got the same Nest mattress I have, have you had any complaints about it?

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Can’t sleep on it, too many guests.

The mattress sits on whole bed frame, so there isn’t a box spring under it. It sits on the slats that are part of the bed frame, so as to eliminate the need for a box spring. So, I’m not sure adding another solid layer on top of the already closely spaced slats would make any difference? Please correct me if I’m wrong about that.

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I was going to say you must have a platform bed with a foam mattress on the slats. The problem may be that there are not enough slats (wood planks) on the bottom to provide even support, so the mattress sinks in places.

We moved into our new home a few weeks ago and bought another platform bed (our 4th) and foam mattress (love ‘em), but unlike the other three we have in seasonal homes, this one has slats rather than a solid base.

Like your guests, we found it waa-y too soft and was told we should order a Bunkie board. I mis-heard the name as “monkey board”. The dealer and I had a good laugh and we developed a rapport. He said a less expensive substitute would be to get a piece of plywood ($30-$40) from a home improvement store and lay the boards on the slats. (His Bunkie board runs $150!) The plywood did the trick and it’s now comfy-lumpfy!

BTW, at first, we first did what you are thinking…getting a topper (4”). It didn’t do squat, though we still have it. It’s the plywood that worked.


Thanks @SandyToes and @KenH!

Yes, exactly, we have a platform bed with a memory foam mattress. Actually it’s a hybrid memory foam/inner springs. Adding a piece of plywood should be easy enough, and I’ll give it a try ASAP.

A bunkie board is a solid board that is sold for use in exactly this situation. Pro tip - if people start complaining about the same things, then it needs to be taken seriously.

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The Bunkie Board advertising I read seemed to indicate the main purpose of the thing was an attractive (as in more finished than a slab of wood) way to add extra height to your mattress if it’s on a platform bed. The reviews I read about it seemed to indicate that some people bought it to firm up their mattress, and the product failed miserably at that.

Forum Tip: Take the time to read a thread before posting a “helpful” tip the OP has already stated is being addressed. @Sarah39 got away with it because I hadn’t actually yet said I was indeed addressing the issue and she was able to present her suggestion without being snarky.

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When we bought our mattresses the sleep shop said the standard warranty was for 7 years but because of “commercial” use we may have to look at replacing them in 5 years. We have had a smattering of comments over time saying the mattress is too hard and then a week later another will say it is too soft and others in between say it is really comfortable.

It was so confusing we did nothing but monitor the feedback and then the mattress comments just stopped. We have the odd feedback now that just says the beds are great. For the expense involved, I would give a bit more time monitoring if there are just the 2 comments. Our comments came really close together too.

I have in the past when it is fully booked taken the time to lay on the bed before the next guest to see if it really is bad in which case we would have organised a new mattress. The board underneath is also a great idea. Make sure the edges are smooth or the sheets tend to snag a bit when you tuck them in.

If I would find it comfortable and be happy to offer it to family or friends, I would leave it for the moment particularly with a history of so many guests who have no issue with the beds. Perhaps monitor for a bit and ask new guests if they slept well.


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Here is one other occasion that occurs to me… There was a guest who was 7-8 months pregnant and when she got home she called us to find out the name of the mattress and where we got it because it was so comfortable. The very next guest did not like the mattress. This is when it became ultra clear that the mattress is really subjective.




Thank you so much for your measured, level headed and reasonable response. You have been extremely helpful.

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I don’t believe the two sets of guests overheard each other, but yes, my husband and I are both shaking our heads over this.

I have come to the conclusion, about the guests with the Nest mattress, that it is them and not the mattress. They shared with us that they do understand they are “mattress snobs” and the mattress they sleep on at home cost almost 5 grand. Though, they still insist that our lovely Nest mattress is “defective”.

My Nest is 6 months to a year newer than yours I believe, and yours has gotten more consistent use than mine. I’ve never, until now, gotten anything but rave reviews about it, and if it was defective last week, it’s not defective now.

Anyway, no one, not even the Four Seasons, is going to put $5000 mattresses in a rental room. As with most of my guests, these are first time Airbnb users. If they expect a bed like they have at home in Airbnb accommodations, they’re going to be sorely disappointed.


I haven’t heard of this brand and it sounds quite odd! I think there is a consensus of sorts here that memory foam is too hot, either on a mattress or a topper.

Do mention this in the review for future hosts (and as a warning for the guest to lower their mattress expectations.

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It speaks to a certain perspective when guests feel obliged to brag about their mattress in comparative terms, considering that they are on a highly competitively priced vacation. It’s a no win situation because it is supposed to be no win. But my inner bitch would suggest they bring their own the next time.


The older memory foam beds of years gone bye, were very hot but the new technology doesn’t generate heat or trap heat, and can be quite cool to the touch. We have had higher end memory foam beds for the past 4 years and just purchased another new one in the spring. Great sleep in this hot weather and I don’t wake up sweaty. The cool technology comes at a price but the beds support the body very well and I never wake up with a backache.

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Would you care to share which brand/model you got. I’ve been thinking about a new bed for myself.