When Host and Guest don't like each other (akward)

We hear so many Airbnb horror stories, for all sorts of reasons. And sometimes another part that gets unnoticed is when guest/host don’t like each other on a personal level. And some stick out the akward stay until end of booking, or some leave early saying frivolous excuses e.g. the room is smaller than they thought when they know it isn’t/or they just say there uncomfortable for no valid reason. Then the argument for refund goes round in circles and both Host/guest apply for one. But yep often it does get overlooked that often Host/Guest don’t like each other, and choose to tolerate each other for the booking(no one cancels they just stick it out in akward silences).
Some guests you have wonderful stimulating chats to, other guests just turn into Hi then they go to there room and do what they have to do e.g. cook/eat etc. And a lot of “hide in your room game the longest” can happen. Often some of the best reviews Host/guest give each other about what they did or there behaviour can manifest out of not liking each other. As often one is more likely to do or be tempted to wrong someone they don’t like/or be disregarding to someone in there behaviour they don’t like or care about. Discuss!

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IMHO your post is the perfect argument for having a maximum stay of a week.

We don’t rent for more than a week because it can be easy to “get tired” of having the same guest day after day after day. Personally I’d rather book four one-nighters in a row (with all the additional work) than have the ‘wrong’ person for more than a couple days.


I have a max 3 day stay. My least favorite bookings have been longer stays. Although anything more than 1 night here is rare it seems everyone staying more than a night becomes what I would call “a little too comfortable here.” I also want to get more reviews. Longer stays mean fewer reviews.


I have at guest at the moment that I cannot quite gel with. It feels a bit strange when she is around. She is an older lady (not a problem as I am same age) who seems to want me to spend the whole evening sitting and chatting.
As soon as I get home from work she is asking me if she can sit with me. This is the second time this has happened. I am guessing that loneliness is playing a part or maybe they think that the price of the room includes me as company. I feel guilty/selfish when I go to my bedroom or office. I am going to bed super early just for some space. Looking for a bit of advice on what others do in this situation. I think I am struggling to set my boundaries.

Gosh, there used to be someone here who posted about this very thing. They had a great write up. The bottom line being that guests,need to be reminded they are renting a room, not a companion,

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