When a guest takes something of little value (but it's annoying)

This is really just a rant, so thanks for humoring me. We keep a spare blanket in a nice plastic zip case with grommets and rope handles. Keeps the blanket clean while it mostly sits in a drawer. Our last guest used the blanket and then took the plastic case home with her! We can see her on our exterior video footage walking off with it.

The bag had nominal value but now I have to find or buy a new one. So annoying!

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Ugghh, I think that’s called stealing. Can you claim for it? Or at least message her and say 'Hey! We notice you took our zip case with you. That was not included in the price of your stay. Please either send it back or pay XX amount for the purchase of a new one."


@Magwitch, I agree that it’s stealing! And she could obviously see that we were using it for something. I would rather review her than tip her off about the issue. I think she’s going to leave us a good review and we could use it to boost our search ranking during this dry spell (aka, off season).

Then you have made your decision. The container store has those blanket/linen bags. They are a bit big, but not too expensive and the correct material to preserve good quality blankets and linens.

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I get that. And it’s an inexpensive item. Just very very annoying!! Please do mention it in the review, though. None of us need such guests.


Yes, definitely a rant and not necessarily seeking advice. I appreciate the tip about Container Store. I think I can also get one at a local duvet and pillow outlet store near me. Thanks!

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I just bought some to store some heirloom linens and wool blankets. Spent hours finding some that didn’t have the wrong type of off-gases. It wasn’t easy!

I imagine you needed something acid-free and breathable.

This guest also left behind several things including a couple of jewelry items, and a neck pillow. Why didn’t she put all of these things into the bag she took?


In the old days, when my cheese man was running the Boston mob, this was known as leverage!


She sounds like a nut. I save the zippered bags that comforters/mattress pads come in to store linens in.
I’ve started supplying filtered water bottles in my guest room in glass bottles that I sanitize and re-use instead of plastic. Two have departed with guests in just 3 months. I’m now reusing glass bottles that drinks (Tazo green tea) come in. I won’t be buying bottles special for the purpose.

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There were signs but, overall, it was a fine stay.

That’s unfortunate that guests have made off with your filtered water bottles. What do you think about just adding a filtration system to the guest’s water source? We have filtered water on tap in our unit and that’s been working well. The filter needs to be changed once a year.

It’s just a little $40 a night guest room so that wouldn’t make sense. 12 Tazo bottles are $12 and have tea in them. So I’ll drink the tea and re-use those bottles.

I would have been also VERY peeved at the gall of this guest. How dare they. It doesn’t matter if it’s a little linen bag or a work of art. It belongs to you and they removed it from the property like a thief in the night. Hosting on Airbnb is based on trust. If you can’t trust a guest not to run off with your stuff, then what is the point. I like what Mags wrote. That is the right thing to say to this klepto.

I had some guests who just loaded up on my room supplies. Then left real scathing feedback about how much they hated the place. I had wanted to mention their thievery in my review but thought it was too petty to mention. I open theirs and bang. NASTY beyond belief. Always regret not saying how they removed supplies from the room. Think anyone would rent to those nutcases after reading that? We hosts are too nice and too forgiving.

If you don’t want to confront her directly, say it in the review.

XX seemed nice to host but unfortunately my experience with her was marred when I saw her removing my personal items from the property. Can’t recommend.


Personally, I feel like ranting when hosts just want to rant. If they would just post as their first sentence: “Spoiler, this is just a rant - no advice needed”, I would skip reading it to avoid the angst.

Sign me,
Tired of Getting all Riled up for Nothing.

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@Kona, I share your conviction to not let guests off the hook. I’ve written a couple “can’t recommend” reviews and the guests then shared their indignation and disbelief through the messaging system. There was nothing they could say as the reviews were entirely factual and non-emotional.

In this case, I was thinking about getting more specific: [GUEST] left the place tidy. However, she took the zippered bag that we store the spare blanket in when it was obvious that it stayed with the unit.

And then I was going to give her a thumbs down. I can be swayed, but my past "can’t recommend"s have been for damage and an awful mess.

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Didn’t I? This is my first sentence.


Sorry, you’re right. The blood was throbbing in my eyeballs with associated anger and I overlooked it.

BTW, why even say the guest was tidy?! Oh, that’s right, she eliminated one of your possessions so I guess she “tidied” that area.


I could be reading this wrong, but I have a feeling Suite prefaced it that way because she felt like maybe the bag was too petty a thing to be upset over and maybe thought we’d scold her over it. Quite the contrary.

Remember the stool incident?

Whether it’s an heirloom stool, a Van Gogh, a zipper bag or a bottle of Johnson’s Baby Shampoo (large size, $8.99 version), the guest has no right to take off with things that don’t belong to them! They needed to be rightly called out for what they’ve done in whatever manner the hosts feel comfortable doing so.



I’m sure you’re right. Suite didn’t really mind the uh, infraction…it’s just that I did. I’ve had pilfering (kind word) from my rental and stewed and stewed over the gall of some people.

It struck a nerve because I was too timid to do anything forceful then…but I’m wiser now and don’t give a twit about reviews when I’ve got so many and am a Super Ho to boot. If any of my guests so much as lift a spoon, you can bet I’ll get in their face (by email, that is) and set them straight.

(Can you tell I’m a bit crotch-ety tonight?)

I’m not sure I recall the stool incident…on second thought, it must have been either the defecation in the hallway or the gal taking a footstool, I’ll bet.


Yes! Both! The stools that Az’s guests left on the walls and the stool that was kiped from someone’s place albeit with an announcement: We liked your stool so much we are taking it with us!"

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