When a guest leaves all the good stuff in the private feedback and not the review

My guest gave me a very boring written review (although 5 stars) but then in the private message to me was much more positive. Do you think there is anything wrong with me responding to the review with a message thanking the guest for the further comments given in the private message and quoting it?

Public review:
The villa is very private but located only a short stroll to some of the best eating places in Seminyak. The staff cleaned and made up the villa daily and the host answered any questions promptly.

Private feedback:
Thanks for providing a great place for my family to holiday. The location is fantastic and your staff are very friendly and helpful. I hope to return for another holiday next year.

It’s private for a reason. A, I don’t respond to reviews for reasons stated in many threads. B. This is a breach of the guests privacy and won’t look good for you on many levels: it could appear controlling, it also may turn others off knowing you might post their PRIVATE feedback if you don’t think the public one is good enough.

There is nothing wrong with the public review. Move on and stop stressing about reviews. Especially if they are 5 Star.


Very true, great advice. Thanks Emily.

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What @Emily said. …

One guest left me a phenomenal and lengthy private review, and for the public review posted “repeat private review here”. :joy:


I’ve seen more than one listing where the host did post the private feedback in their “response” to the review. I agree with Emily that it’s not a good look though it wouldn’t stop me from booking the right place at the right price.

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This happened on our last guest! I am still annoyed, especially because this was a “needy” group too! Her public review simply said “Bell mountain is a must see!” Her private review? “Super pleased with Peggy and Mikes place. We had a fabulous girls trip there and they are super accommodating! I feel like we made new friends! We can’t wait to go back in the summer.” Augh! I’m thinking it was user error but I did tell them ahead of time they would have both a public and private forum and still her public review was about a local scenic site we recommended. I’m not doing anything about it, just venting as it was weeks ago — still it’s so annoying. grrrr.

Don’t you wish we had a secret “block” list? You’ll just have to hope someone books before she does. LOL.


So you should have repeated the private review as a response to their public review. They gave you permission to do that.

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Exactly what I was thinking @KKC! Ugh.

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You can block specific guests from booking.

I think you are mistaken but I would be thrilled to be wrong. I don’t mean decline an inquiry; I have instant book. I’d like a guest to see me as unavailable if they are on my block list. If you have a way to do that please do share.

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I had this happen once, early on in my hosting with AirBNB. At that point, public comments were important to my success. I wrote the guest and asked her if I could quote her public comments. She said “absolutely, I thought they would be.” I then quoted her, along with the disclaimer that I did so with her permission. At this point, I wouldn’t bother with the extra step but back then it was worth the effort (maybe).

How do I report a message or block someone on Airbnb?
To report a message from someone or block any future communication from them:
Go to Messages on airbnb.com and click the conversation with the person you want to block
On the left, click Report under their profile photo
Select the reason you’re reporting this person, then if you also want to block future messages from them, click Next > Yes, block now
If you block someone, they won’t be able to send you messages, send you a reservation request, or accept a reservation request from you.

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Will they be able to Instant Book with me?

Never tried it, just know it is there.

I’ve asked guests if it would be OK to quote their private review in my response and they were always surprised that it was private and not public. Then I noticed that if you are writing a review within the app on a mobile device, the app tends to “scroll down” to the private review section before public and by the time someone has written a bunch of awesome things there, they get confused and don’t take the time to copy/paste (because–at least on an iPad, because I’ve seen it firsthand–the app doesn’t make it easy to copy/paste) and instead just write a few nice words in the public part.

I’ve done it myself when reviewing someone before but noticed it before submitting and just re-wrote the entire thing there too. But I think most people wouldn’t go to that effort, because in their eyes a good review is a good review, shouldn’t matter where it is.


I already use Airbnb as a guest side and found that the review process is not the same as when we are hosting.

It starts with rate overall experience, Then you can choose extra special of the host e.g. Quick responses, Amazing amenities, Outstanding hospitality

then all the stars and come for Private Review. In this process, some guest does the first time so they write all good and great. Then Finally at Public Review, they have nothing to say! some click back to copy and replace ( that is a reason why you got the same review in Public and Private ) and I think some guest found out … Ohh do I have to rewrite again ? they endup write in a shot review.


Yes. This is is what I’m talking about. It makes no sense, but it is what it is.

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Thank you for your time. If I get desperate it’s good to know it’s there. I’m not willing to try it to see if it works on any of my non-preferred guests yet. The problem I see with this message is “reporting” them. I think this is intended for someone who is harassing you or who keeps requesting to book with you even though you’ve declined their request. I can’t imagine reporting, then blocking then writing in the message “this guest said they can’t wait to stay at my place again but I found them to be needy and annoying.” It’s certainly given me something to think about and may be an option for some hosts.