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When a guest gets their confirmation email what is in it?


Specifically, here is my problem:

Once people are booked, i need to give them specific info that such as how my parking situation works, what door to go to, how the keypad works, etc. i have been telling them to read this in the HOUSE MANUAL saying it comes with this email. Does it, or is it a link etc?

I want to send a hello email saying something like “welcome, all quastions arenanswered on the house manual” (and i even left an easter egg in it near the end asking them to email me they read it with specific language) but where do they look for the house manual?

And, how do YOU deal with this?


Hello @Bob_Blank,

I send a pre check-in welcome email where I put all that information, approximately 2 weeks prior the arrival date.

Guests want to be reassured and letting them know what to expect in advance is the best way to do that in my experience. You can still leave that information in your house manual but you might want to sent it as well ahead.

Best regards,


It has sadly been my experience that my particular kind of guest books and then ignores the air email system of messaging. I often get a text asking this kind of question.

Do you send your email thru air? As most of my guests are instant, it becomes a little crazy when i get a text asking for (for instance) my address lol or in these cases, how to ‘get in’…


Not sending through air because it is an attachment.

I always speak to my guests right after they’ve booked and get their email adress then.


Stella, that is smart. I think I’ll do that - and yes, it’s tough getting some guests to reply to electronic communication!!

B_B - I just booked a place on airbnb and I did get the house manual in the reservation confirmation from airbnb - but it is pretty far down so if your guest is anything like me, they will disregard the entire email. When I see ‘reservation confirmation’ I just think “yeah, I know, I have a reservation”.

So best to send it in a separate email. I have a lot of standard stuff typed up in a word doc and then cut and past.

Hope that helps Bob_Blank!


I’ve put together a Welcome email that I’ve started sending as soon as they book. It has my house guide attached in a pdf format. My house guide includes directions from the airport, restaurant and bar recommendations as well as site seeing info etc.
I then send another email 1-2 days before arrival again with directions from the airport and instructions on how to enter the property in the event that I’m not home (I have a key safe attached to the front gate.
I have these emails ready to go in the Drafts section of my email account so that all I have to do is add the persons name and I can send them from anywhere and very easily.


So you ask them for an email address when they book? Or do you send all this through Airbnb


Once a booking is confirmed, Airbnb provide an email address and other contact details. I use that address rather than through the Airbnb portal.


I have never seen a guest email in a confirmation email, just a phone number.


I have never seen an email address either on Airbnb. @jackpat77 you are not confusing with another booking platform by any chance?


I’m positive. I don’t use any other sites. Here’s a screen shot (with the full name partially blanked out). I deal with all my bookings through the app. Not sure how it looks on the website.


I see that the email address is the one that goes thru airbnb.


Upon a reservation iI send an email which has:

Contact number
Car Service
Check In time and information
Links for local information
Email - provide my personal and ask for their
Travel Plans - I ask for their travel plans

Ten days before arrival I send a similar email but with amount of guests, what I provide, etc. If I don’t hear from my guests 48 hours before arrival I email their “airbnb ghost” account and/or text them.


Yep but it gets forwarded to their actual email and they can reply from their own email account.


so, you can send pdfs thru airbnb?


No… you can’t send pdfs through airbnb’s platform but you can send it the the “guest email” set up by airbnb.


I send the emails from my Yahoo account, not through AirBnB. I just send it to the Email address that AirBnB provide.

I usually have a dozen template emails saved in my Drafts folder and then when I’m out and about and someone books, I can sort it all out from my phone. If you pm me your email address, I’m happy to send you an example.


Bob… this is an easy one. I make up a document, including pictures and everything, that I save as a PDF. Once they book I immediately send them that and ask them to print it and review carefully, let me know if they have questions.

I also tell them the tax due upon arrival in cash and to please have it ready upon arrival.

I also include numerous things to do and suggestions as well, so that it isn’t all RULES. It’s a happy friendly holiday document!


Bob… I’ve been an Air host for 5.5 years. Back about a year or so ago, you could see the guest email visibly. I think they want to minimize you getting too much of their personal contact details so they changed it to a relay system… similar to Craigslist.


How does that work? can you send someone a pdf thru air email? Or do you send to a sep outside email?

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