What's your cleaning algorithm

Hello I am Panos and I am a new host for 1,5 months now.(both airbnb and booking).

I wanted to hear about your cleaning algorithms meaning when you clean between guests
what steps do you take to deliver the listing to the next guests and maybe more importantly whats the order of those steps, the optimal order?
The one I am currently doing is:

  1. Take the used linens out
  2. clean the kitchen counter
  3. clean bathroom (toilet bathtub and sink)
  4. wipe dust and stamps of the coffee table and the nightstands
  5. dust off light switches, the tv, the thermostats and any other surface that might accumulate dust.
  6. vaccuuming the floor
  7. place the new linens
  8. clean any windows or mirrors that need cleaning
  9. mopping the floor
  10. sweep the external area

Lint roller the furniture and throw pillows (the hair I get off of them is crazy.)

Throw blanket on back of couch goes in the dyer on air to fluff and remove hair.

Wipe down head boards.

Look under cushions for food crumbs and other items.

Check under beds and in drawers for random left items.

Clean microwave (run glass turntable plate through dishwasher with other dirty dishes)

Check light bulbs to make sure they aren’t burnt out.

Re-stock bathroom supplies (extra TP, Tissue, soap)

Re-stock coffee, creamers, sugars, tea etc.

Re-stock kitchen supplies (napkins, soap, paper towels, foil, Saran, salt/pepper etc)

And I’m sure much, much more. I’m a bit OCD. LOL!

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Step one, put the kettle on
Step two, open all the windows
Step three, switch to auto pilot and wizz around singing stupid songs.


Someone after my own heart. Do you also forget to drink that hot cup of tea until too tepid?

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I think mine is in this thread somewhere:

Or this one:

  1. Open a bottle of wine and relax

Airbnb cleaning Check list

  1. login to
  2. Check work order for unit specific details and linen check list
  3. Use key fob to access resort - hold card over sensor at gate - go to carpark
  4. business info


  1. Load and run dishwasher, empty when done
  2. Wipe all worktops and table surfaces
  3. Check all crockery & cutlery is cleaned - dirty dishes must be cleaned and put away - check for missing items
  4. Check filter in dishwasher has no food scraps and check for any bad smell -
  5. Check if oven used - wipe out any crumbs and line grill tray with fresh foil from cupboard -
  6. Check microwave used - wipe out if necessary - polish front
  7. Wipe around all handles for fingerprints - particularly pantry door and overhead cupboards - as well as range hood fascia
  8. Hang tea towel on oven handle
  9. Rubbish bags, dishwashing liquid, dishwasher tablets all under sink in kitchen - leave dishcloth and scourers displayed nicely under sink - anything needed text 0000 000 000


  1. Always check dryer for lint build up or items left behind
  2. Wipe over washing machine inside lid
  3. Check laundry tub wipe and polish tapware


  1. Vacuum all bathrooms prior to any further cleaning to remove all hair
  2. Clean bathrooms - make sure all mirrors, glass surfaces including taps are cleaned and polished perfectly, taps straight
  3. hand towels and floor mat to be placed on towel rail or rolled with face washers
  4. face washers to be rolled and displayed nicely on vanity
  5. Put fresh toilet roll on holder fold toilet paper to a point and place 2 spares under vanity
  6. check if soap, shampoo and conditioner needs replacing


  1. Strip beds and collect all dirty towels - check if anything missing
    place all dirty linen in bag for cleaning - All dirty linen to be returned shed 343
  2. beds to be changed-remove all linen and replace with new linen-Top sheet, bottom sheet and doona for each bed-all sides tucked neatly under mattress. Top sheet folded about 25cm over doona at top of bed. Pillows placed @ 45 degree angle(4 for double, 2 for single)
  3. Place rolled towels on corner of bed (2 for double, 1 for single)
  4. Dust and wipe all surfaces

Lounge Room

  1. Vacume and sweep under all couches and chairs
  2. Vacume and check in between all couch cushions
  3. Dust and wipe all furniture
  4. Check ceiling fan dust
  5. balcony check for rubbish vacume and wipe all outdoor furniture

Whole Accommodation

  1. Clean entire property - vacume & mop floors (vacume bathroom floors prior to moping to remove all hair)
  2. Check all glass sliding door for finger prints
  3. Check outdoor setting is clean and chairs straight
  4. When gathering all dirty linen check for anything missing or badly soiled
  5. at end of job empty vacume Cleaner into rubbish bag
    reline bins with plastic bin liners
  6. Check all lights for blown bulbs replace where reachable , if not inform David
  7. Check for breakages and damage anywhere and report via text to 0466 987 900 - take photos and sms (upload to servicem8)
  8. return soiled linen and keys to storage shed
  10. MUST photograph aircon controller to prove its off as all cleaners will be charged $10 per day if aircon is left on after cleaning service
  11. Balcony , check tiled areas mop and vacume as necessary

Note: All towels to be folded lengthways and rolled - 2 bath towels per queen bed, 1 per single - hand towels and face washers to be rolled and displayed nicely on vanity
Tea towels, dishcloths placed nicely under sink

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