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What is your cleaning routine/tips?

I find I am spending an average an hour to clean a private room/bathroom and living room. That seems way too long. What are your tips on cleaning efficiently?

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I have a studio, there is no stove and it still takes me 2 hrs to clean, it was taking over 3 hrs, I’m hoping to get it down to 1 1/2. That’s why I started to charge a cleaning fee…

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Wow BG! Can I hire you? I swear I’m a slob! My guests are lucky if I get most of the dog hair vacuumed out of my living room carpet :laughing: I work hardest on the guest room when a guest checks out. I have a roomba so the vacuum part in the guest room is automated. No dogs allowed in there so roomba does a fab job. I scrub down the guest bath since its sometimes shared if I have friends or family staying. I’m skeeved myself at the idea a guest might find hair or other disgusting anything in the bathroom. Shared living space I clean as I would for myself. I work full time so deep cleaning the entire house after each guest is not reasonable for me. And I don’t charge enough for the room to justify a housekeeper. It’s made very clear in my profile that I live with three big dogs so guests know in advance they will deal with some dog hair in the shared spaces.

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I have a self contained studio with full fridge, gas range and cooking utensils. It takes me a minimum of five hours to clean it properly. Not including laundry. I do the tops of fans, the slider tracks, the tops of the fridge. All the screens, all the windows. I do NOT iron sheets. :slight_smile: I put fresh flowers in two vases and I try to get to weedeating both front and back yard so they don’t have to try to see a Hawaii sunset through 20-foot elephant grass or walk by a weed pit on their way into the studio. I also sometimes repaint the concrete patio because the summer rains make it mossy.


My kids are benefiting by our airbnb business as the income goes towards their camps and lessons (ballet, karate, etc.) So we work as a team, I consider this ‘our’ business; each of us has a chore when the guests leave. It’s a good season for us to do this because my kids are 10, 15 & 15.

But I’m often on my own, and it’s all about routine and having everything handy. I strip the beds, and while that’s washing (lo I only have 1 set of sheets and towels…) I have my little vac, Fantastik, and paper towels, start in one corner, and move forward. But my guests usually only stay 3 days or so, so they rooms don’t get very dirty between stays. And I focus on different aspects at different times. I spot check for webs, always, but only really go after them every 3rd visit or so. (guest place is in the basement so webs are always an issue) I look for areas that need special attention but not everything gets the same attention each change. Make sense?


True that - to the Instant Book.

There is a book called speedcleaning for professional maids that I need to refer to. A lot of it is having all supplies on hand and not wasting steps…start in one corner and work your way out. Im really anal about removing all hair; its hard to see, especially if the hair is blonde or grey. when I vacuum I use a bright lamp with no shade so I can really see whats on the floor; you would be surprised how much hair is on the floor after a 2 day stay. And I lint roll all fabric;it may not look like there is no hair on fabrics but many times if you lint roll it it will pick up little hairs.When I started, it took me over 4 hrs to clean the studio; now I have it down to one hr and a half to one hr and 45 minutes; Im hoping to get it down to 1 hr…I dont do any flower arrangements now, I just bring in a pot of flowers that I buy from trader Joes; that saves time.


Fantastik! Can you still buy that? My mom used it when I was a kid!

I’ve been doing that speedcleaning without even knowing it! Cleaning bucket with supplies ready. I have a super small bathroom so I start there, just because it’s the grossest (stripes in the loo and hair in the drain are the two worst things I have to clean, yuck!) then work my way backwards. I used to mop but now I just spray it with lysol, get on my hands and knees with a rag and work backwards. Getting every nook and cranny.
Then clean the kitchen, stove and fridge. Leave kitchen sink for last.
Then do the bedding and linens. Vacuuming and screens. Cleaning inside and outside of all screens. Do all windows.

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Of course I gave the book away, now I find I need Speedcleaning! I went to amazon and bought it for 1 cent and 399 for shipping, many copies available so fellow hosts should order. Even if you shave 15 minutes off your cleaning routine its worth it. I want to get it down to 1 hr. The suite is 500 sq ft and there is no stove., I think its doable if I get organized and follow jeff Campbell’s rules.

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Hi all,

I actually run a short-term rental cleaning company called MaidThis! Cleaning. We have a checklist that we go through for turnover cleanings. I’d be happy to provide the checklist for those who need it.

Generally the process always started with laundry (takes the longest), and mopping the last (longest to dry, and you don’t want to walk over your newly cleaned floor!).



The most frequent complaint I hear after owning a professional residential cleaning business for over 20 years is that people get distracted from a routine and that’s what takes them too long. I have rented our second home for a while and have used my professional method and cleaning tools and products that I’ve tested over 2 decades and get every home clean in no time. I can clean a 4 bedroom house with 3 bathrooms to a sparkle in less than 3 hours.

So! I have written a book about it. If you want to know my exact professional routine, the products I’ve tested and use myself and the tools to do the job efficiently and thoroughly, you will find them in my book. It’s a great deal, packed with information, and even links to a FREE product guide that lists all of the products and tools mentioned in the book for easy recognition when you need to get them.

Get Your House Clean Now: The Home Cleaning Method Anyone Can Master by Beth McGee is available at the Amazon Kindle Store now. It’s humorous, motivational, and full of what I know about cleaning!

You can find it book here:

Get Your House Clean Now: The Home Cleaning Method Anyone Can Master
If you find it helpful, please share your feedback in the reviews. Your input is really helpful to me!

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Has anyone got any tips on how to clean bath shower screens - ours looks like the picture below and I have real trouble in cleaning the screen bit in the middle that is also impossible to get to. I’v tried many shower/glass sprays!

Can you take them apart some how or? any tips would be great!

A squiggi used imediately after showering is the way to keep it clead…dont let anything sit for a second. My guests have been really considerate about this and I have not had to seriosly clean the shower enclosure at all. I dont have the glass, but a lot of white tile.
My aunt taught me this method and her glass stayed clean when I stayed there for weeks at a time.

My two tips: lint roller (as previously mentioned) on all the linens after they are washed, and magic eraser sponges and scotch brite microfiber towel wipe down in bathroom. Make sure to polish off all surfaces in the bathroom until dry so there are no clean but unsightly streaks.

i am surprised - lint roller AFTER washing? I do it when I remove the bedding.

Hi Rolf,

Yes, my husband lint rolls the blankets after they are washed. He always picks up lint and hairs.

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I will certainly try that next time - but does he roll before he removes the bedding?

Just trying to come up with the best way of course… but it is SO easy to roller pillowcases before the are removed, and also sheets before I take them off.

Hi Rolf,

No, we don’t lint roll before removing the bedding. We let the washing machine do as much as possible.

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Same here, after washing. Not all the hairs and lint come off in the washer. More come off in the dryer but not all and sometimes I line dry. I especially carefully inspect the pillowcases.

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