What's the protocol/etiquette for this?

So, one of my Airbnb’s (I’m a co-host) I manage properties for people that live out of state. Anyway, one of the owners is selling their home & it has sold. After the end of Aug. 2022 this particular Airbnb will no longer exist. Now, here comes the question…

Because the owner is selling & I have other places I manage close by & in surrounding neighborhoods, is it ok, for the owner to recommend some of the other places I manage as an option to book, since they had to cancel all bookings after Aug. 2022? My host/owner just sent out a text to each guest, that she had to cancel, and let them know of my other places, so they could see them & make a decision.

Now, I would think that this would be ok and in some cases much appreciated by our guests. A good will gesture. However, just when I begin to think this way, sure enough, it’s not o.k. or frowned upon. So, I’m asking here. Is this acceptable?

It also got me to thinking about my profile in general. So, because I have several different places, how does one cross pollinate**(cross reference)** if someone is looking on one profile & maybe can’t book that specific place, but would like to see some other places maybe that I have that are avail.? In other words, my profile will only come up on a specific property, can guests see all my properties under my profile? I never thought about it before now.

I hope this all makes sense(?)

Hoping for some clarification & feedback on this. Thanks so much !

Yes, all your listings are visible on your profile page. Have you never looked at your profile page before?

I don’t see why it wouldn’t be okay to let guests know about your other Airnb listings, as long as it’s not some hard sell. In fact, some hosts have other hosts in their area they reciprocally refer guests to if they gave no availability themselves.


Frowned on by who? Did Airbnb send any messaging?

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Christine, I’m referring to people in general. Guests, etc. just depends on who is reading it.

Muddy, yes, I’ve looked at my profile page, however that doesn’t necessarily mean that it displays the same way for a guest. That’s why I was asking.

I think profile pages dispay the same to everyone. The only thing that is different is that the reviews on your profile page appear in chronological order, whereas on the listings themselves, they are ordered by the country of the guest. Users see reviews on listings according to their IP address.

Open up an incognito/inprivate window, don’t log in to Airbnb, then go to your profile page. You’ll see what anybody else can see.


I had a property manager cancel on me once. They claimed the same reason (house was sold), but I specifically chose to not book another property they managed, ever.

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That’s a good point too- Although I’m not the owner,this wasn’t my doing, but I could see someone being upset about the situation & not wanting to affiliate w/ anyone connected to that. Thx

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Well, you could always explain that you were the co-host of that property, that it wasn’t you who had anything to do with the owner continuing to take bookings when the house was for sale and then cancelling when it sold and that you are very sorry that happened.


It’s a shame the owner accepted bookings they couldn’t honour.

The owner can let people know there are nearby alternatives of course but that won’t stop them being hit with cancellation charges - as they will have to cancel so the guests can book alternative accommodation

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Will the co-host also get dinged for cancelling all the people after Aug 22nd? I can see the owner not caring if they got downgraded, after all they are getting out of the business.

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Perhaps you could offer discounts for people who switch over to other properties you manage. If you can find them a similar property for less money it would certainly build up good will.


It depends how the listing is set up. If the cohost has put the listing under their profile all the cancellations will show and they get a fine for each cancellation.

Did you not know the owner was selling @KVL

Yes I knew.

They had to cancel all the guest that were after the month of August- they did give 30+ days for guests, but still-

I realize it’s their profile, but I’m connect as a co-host on that profile-

I’m a temporary co-host. I cover a few days for others. I’ve noticed while I am listed as a cohost their listings display under my profile. Same is true with reviews.

Delisted/discontinued listings do not display. I do not know if the reviews continue.

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The reviews don’t show for the co-host, only the host.