What's the policy as far as guest's visiting?

At what time guests should tell their friends to leave your home or it counts as a night’s stay / liability issue?

I don’t allow guests to bring anyone on the property at any time.
Rules say

Only your registered and approved party may be on the property or in the apartment at any time.

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Never happened to you that someone came to visit? It’s only normal. I’ve seen it before many time just have no idea what the limit is per AB.

Once was enough. The guest brought someone local from a bar or the beach and partied hard… getting loud and disruptive and breaking furniture. Never ever again…

You are renting a place to stay, not a gathering place.
There’s really no reason to allow extras not named on your reservation to come on your property. Let them go out somewhere and meet their friends. Why should you host it at your place.
Also the damage guarantee may not cover damage caused by someone not on the reservati9n.

Just easier to have a hard and fast rule, NO additional guests allowed. Period.


Most experienced hosts don’t allow it.

Not allowing is fine, it’s the reinforcement from afar that is the issue.

I guess I don’t know what you mean. Airbnb doesn’t care how many guests your guests have over. That is up to you.

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Is that the best SuperHost number to call? 888-326-5753 ?

Very slow to answer… might be due to the NYE weekend. Never waited 10 mins before…

I don’t recognize that number, but I also don’t know what you are trying to ask. Sorry, I really don’t understand what you mean.

I got this number from an Airbnb email a few months back:

Premium support: We’ve assembled a dedicated support team just for Superhosts. To get in touch fast, call (+)18883265753 or tweet at @AirbnbHelp.

I talked to the guest about having more people at the house and she said they will stay the night so I need to change the amount of guests to 5 (where an additional cost will apply). Problem is that you can’t change amount of guests once a reservation started.

I say in The Rules that any guests of paying guests:

1 staying overnight have to pay extra,
2. I need to be told about all guests for H&S reasons,
3. Non paying guests are not allowed after 9pm but if they wish they can ask for an extension,
4. the absolute latest non paying guests with permission can stay is midnight.

It hasn’t really been a problem so far and as I live upstairs they know I can hear them. I have a theory, one which I discovered over the years and I was frequently the culprit, as a much younger man I spent a lot of time in the demimonde:

“nothing good happens after midnight”



Idea…You can do an alteration. / request payment with the comment this is the fee for the 3 or whatever the number is of guests not in the original reservation. Also document the reason for the request in the Airbnb messaging to the guest.

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It sounds like you are letting the guest call the shots, rather than managing your property.

As a superhost it’s a good idea to become familiar with how Airbnb works, so you understand how to manage these sort of common issues. Do have a look through it’s Airbnb Help Centre and the useful tutorials and community guides on its Community Centre which will provide answers on these sort of issues.

The guest may want an extra guest to stay over night this doesn’t mean you have to accept it. You can say no.

If you want to accept the extra guest, tell them they need to go into their booking and amend it to include the extra guest. Of course the booking can be changed once it has started.

If you are managing your property remotely it is up to you to put in place ways of you doing this including having a local co-host in case of issues like this and having CCTV so you can monitor who is coming in and out of your property.

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Not sure Air has a specific policy, other than guests staying over who are unregistered on the booking. It’s up to you to use your House rules to set the limits that are acceptable to you.


There isn’t one. It’s like check in time…you set it as you see fit.

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Your house – your rules.

I allow my guests to have visitors. Quite a few of my guests, especially during the slower winter months, are here to visit their children who live in tiny apartments. The “kids” love to see where their parents are staying, and the parents enjoying showing it off. Rarely do the “kids” visit more than once and no one has tried to sleep over.

We did have one case of a sibling who had planned to stay with her brother and took one look at the options in my house and requested a reservation alteration. Since adding her was still within my guest maximum, we simply amended the reservation, adding the extra guest fee.

I hung up after a half hour last night. They must be too busy

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Thanks to Helsi for pointing this out. I’d like to take this chance to remind new hosts to check the Airbnb help center first before asking basic questions like this. It’s in our forum guidelines. Thank you.

Our house rules say no guests who aren’t either registered or pre-approved by us. We’ve had a few instances where people have asked to have someone come over, but they’ve always asked and most times we approved with some limitations. None stayed overnight without adding an additional fee. Our spot is very scenic so I get why they want to bring their friend/child attending from the local college over to see it. As we are always on property, we can monitor it so we are comfortable, plus we keep all of the discussion within the app so if there was an issue the documentation is clear.