What would you do in this situation?

I recently had these guests from hell. They checked in to the apartment, but a couple of hours later they texted me and said they had to move to another flat because they could not stay there. Later on I received a complaint via Airbnb where the guest stated the following:

  • We waited 20 minutes to check in (not true, they waited maximum 5 minutes)
  • Our children cried and refused to stay there because of all the dirt (not true, their children, approximately 5 and 10 years old, were during check in busy jumping in the beds and sofas wearing outdoor shoes). And why would a 5 year old child cry because of some spots on the wall? It doesn’t make sense.
    -There were food in the fridge and closets (true, we always provide some basic things for cooking such as oil, sugar, salt, spices, coffee and tea and most guests seem to appreciate this)|
    -The apartment was full of garbage
    -The beds were full of blood
    -The apartment had no signs of cleaning
    -The sofas were covered with disgusting white spots

The first 3 points cannot be proved by any side, it’s words against words, but the guest has sent “proof” regarding the last 4 points:

“the flat was full of garbage”:

“The was no sign of cleaning”:

“The beds were full of blood”:

“the sofa were covered with white discusting spots”:

The latter picture is not even a picture of our sofa, as you can see from the below picture our sofa has a totally different color and fabric.

These guests are lying and exaggurating and making up things. If they don’t get their 500 euros back they say they will make a big fuzz and will go to the police and media !

I feel it’s not right to let people like this get their way, on the other hand I want peace and no further problems. Should I give in and give them the money back in this case or not? What would you do?

Don’t refund. Probably bluffing anyway.


DO NOT REFUND. People like tis should be xxxx.


I agree with the others, do not refund. They shouldn’t get a refund because of a couple harmless spots. I might be bothered by a blood spot on a sheet, but that could have easily have been remedied by just switching the sheets. Don’t let guests bully you.

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Do you have this in airbnb messaging somewhere? I think this is a threat, which you could discuss with airbnb. Threats are not allowed from either host or guest.

I would likely consider refunding them about 1% for waiting 5-20 minutes for check in or something that you actually think was incorrect - or maybe just $1. In the resolution center, you can counter their offer with your own, and add comments. After you give an amount, it is refunded to the guest, and case is closed I think. I am not sure what happens if the guest disagrees with the amount you refunded. But the last one I had (mentioned in another thread) the guest messaged me again stating his facts again - but I just ignored him after the resolution closed - in the resolution I gave him a bit of a refund, and told him next time contact me right off, not wait until later.


No no no no AND NO. No refunds! You did nothing wrong!


Your own offer can be $0.00.

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My goodness, what idiots. DEFINITELY no refunds. Tell them that they are quite welcome to go to the police and the media and that you’d be quite happy to be interviewed about their behaviour.


Swimming against the tide here, but if I found what appears to be fresh blood on bed linens I’d leave in a flash, and, yes, I’d expect a refund.

Looks like a dryer burn in the photo.

Tell Airbnb they have threatened you with the police and the media if you don’t get your money back.

I am sure you can send Airbnb photos of your beautiful place and highlight previous reviews showing how clean and lovely it is .

Definitely refuse refund.

@astralita12 Thanks for your answer. There were no blood on the sheets. We checked after they had left. They have not uploaded a very clear picture of the beds they claimed were “full of blood”, have they? That picture could be anything.

And if the case were they had actually found this spot on the sheets I would of course have given them a partly refund, but it’s still a strong exagguration to say “the beds were full of blood”, they have taken a picture of a 1-2 mm spot that could be anything!