What Toiletries Do You Provide?


I’m a new Airbnb host. I’m wondering how experienced hosts handle/provide their guests with toiletries. More specifically, is it okay to provide regular sized bottles of things like shower gel, shampoo and conditioner, or do I need to give every guest travel sized versions of everything? Those travel sized items, while inexpensive if you only need one, tend to be at least a dollar apiece, sometimes more. If I give them toothpaste, toothbrush, mouthwash, shower gel, shampoo and conditioner, that is $6. That could start to add up, especially when considering the other things we either expected to supply or really should supply, such as coffee and creamer.

When I go to someone’s house and use the bathroom, I don’t think twice or get skeeved out by using the liquid hand soap dispenser, so I’m not sure what the difference would be using a bottle of shampoo or shower gel that’s open, but that’s me. I’m wondering what others think, and how they handle.

I supply large bottles of shampoo and body wash in the shower. I’m going to experiment with small single visit bar soaps when the body wash is empty. I have liquid hand soap by the lavatory. In a drawer I have some other items like shaving cream, sunscreen and q-tips. I put one travel toothbrush in there and if disappears I put another. I would not give every guest a travel size of everything unless you are trying to compete with the mid-level hotels (Marriott). I rent a room in my home and try to replicate a home experience more than a luxury hotel one.

I bought 4x 500ml shower gel (70p each) A month ago and only one sixth of a bottle has been used.

Also bought 500ml shampoo and 500ml conditioner (80p each) and none of its been used.

Then I buy 144 rolls of toilet paper (£20) and maybe one roll (14p each) every three days gets used. (This includes me using it)

That’s all I offer.

In the shower/bath: 1 bulk shower gel pump, and a bulk shampoo and conditioner.

On the counter: Individual travel shampoo and conditioner, a bar of soap, two toothbrush and toothpaste kits, a small mouthwash, shave gel, cologne spray, floss picks, bath soak, and a small container of Q-tips.

Some guests prefer to use the bulk items in the shower. Others want the verifiably fresh and new travel items.

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I do this too. On my two sinks I provide refillable hand soap, but then I am a budget minded place.
I think if you bought individually sized items you would really cut into your profit margins. This ain’t the Hyatt remember. This is your house.

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Most don’t touch the individuals, but those who do are quite passionate about it.


We supply individual bath soaps (I bought a case for a good low prices), a giant bottle of shampoo/body wash in the shower, liquid pump handsoap at the vanity sink, and we buy large quantities of TP at Costco. We also have a basket of miscellaneous toiletries on the vanity that are souvenirs of our own trips (and trips my partner’s daughter makes), guest leavings, etc, including sunscreen and bug spray.

Same here - body wash and shampoo/conditioner combo in the shower - a shelf with cotton balls, q-tips, sunscreen, and eye-glass cleaner wipes. Then a razor, toothpaste, toothbrush, floss.

In the bathroom a small basket with feminine products. A shelf with extra rolls of toilet paper.

A shelf stuffed with towels, wash clothes & hand towels.

Never have felt anyone has taken advantage of these things.

Shampoo and shower gel dispensers in the shower. In the kitchen, some dish soap. That’s it.

That’s a bit overmuch IMHO, but whatever boats your float.

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Me too, body wash, shampoo and hand wash in the bathroom. I used to put out extra but nobody used it. Less is more! Thank you Bauhaus!

Burts Bees–full size bottles of shampoo, a conditioner and body wash. A Suave men’s product that they can use all over. Some oil of Olay face wash that a guest left once. Cotton balls, qtips. That’s it. I used to have all kinds of other things—shaving creams, razors, toothbrushes, floss, toothpastes. Sometimes I felt those things were “disappearing” or being used without really being needed, but just because they were made available. Plus, I’ve done a major de cluttering, if they really need those things, they are going to have to buy them for themselves. I charge $70/night summer, and as low as $40 in winter. Add up those goodies with the bottle of water, small packages snack…it adds up to too much. Plus, I LOVE not having all that extra stuff around!


Since I have my soap- and toiletries-making workshop right next to the apartment, the stuff I provid is a marketing tool for me. Even so, I’m quite minimalist and I only provide shampoo, body wash, conditioner and soap. I’m not a particularly eco-conscious person but I do think that plastic mini-bottles, in the quantities they are used in the hotel trade are environmentally wasteful. In addition, I can tell you that no matter how cute and pretty the bottles, the stuff in them is bog-standard and should be selling for pence not pounds/dollars!

If I’m trialling a new product I’ll sometimes supply that, for instance I’m testing a micellar water (just google it, guys …!) make-up remover and I put a bottle of that with cotton wool pads. I also keep a separate supply of toothbrushes, toothpaste etc, and particularly sun protection and aftersun lotion which I can let guests have if they’ve forgotten to bring them.

I know it’s just personal taste, and I’m a bit of a minimalist, but I really don’t like finding a whole basket of itsy-bitsy toiletries in my accomodation when I travel - and I have an irrational horror of cotton buds, due to having spent years emptying the bathroom bins of French guests who seem to use them in industrial quantities!

I agree with @Maggieroni that less is more! Though of course, it’s a different matter if guests want to actually buy my products …


I knew this lady (Mary Ann) in North Carolina once who made her own goats milk soap (http://www.threewatersfarm.com/). I tried using it here, but it doesn’t lather properly. Maybe the water is too hard, or something. What kind of soap do you make?

We provide small to medium sized containers of body wash, soap and shampoo as well as liquid hand soap at the sink. We buy large size of each so we can refill the small-medium size containers in our dwellings. We tried the large sizes but they seem to be cumbersome especially for our younger guests. Been doing this since 2011 and have had one “complaint”- A guest who wanted us to provide a higher quality bath product. That gave us a giggle- we live on a farm. We use Whole Foods unscented body products and Mrs. Meyers hand soap.


Yeah, my place has always been less than $50 night for one person. If you don’t what I provide you’d best have your own. One fellow suggested a fluffier towel. I’d left an IKEA with a nubby texture. Too bad, fluffy towels take longer to dry. You want Motel 6 price you get Motel 6 quality. (Actually my place is much nicer than Motel 6)

We use the quicker drying towels as well and advertise it as part of our green or eco consciousness profile

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Pump soap, full size bottles of shampoo/conditioner, makeup wipes, tissues, toilet paper.
First aid kit kept in laundry cupboard with cleaning products.

K9 - did the fluffier towel suggestion come through the private feedback section where Air asks for improvements?

Same question to you farmhost - was your higher quality suggestion prompted by Air in private feedback?

Should add that I do also frequently leave my homemade lavender body scrub, I make only when I have a customer request and then package into small containers and put in the ABB bathroom. Most women will use it if it’s there.

Yes. He gave me a five star rating and a good review. I can see where that particular towel wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea. The towels I am using now are one softer and one with texture. I put one of each so hopefully someone finds what they like. If I had longer rentals at a higher rate I’d probably have fluffier towels and thinner towels.