What Toiletries Do You Provide?

Good to know he was at least prompted to dream up something…lol. At least the only thing he could think of was a fluffier towel!

Oh yes, makeup wipes added after I joined this forum. I have yet to have ruined towels and I’d like to keep it that way.


I usually have a matching set of towels, it is not so important that you have to get them but it will appeal to the guests when they enter the bathroom. Having caddies in the bathroom will make it look more organized, I bought some from better living dispenser. It saves a lot of space and it will be lot more convenient for the guests when they use the bathroom.

I leave shampoo and liquid soap in the shower, and another soap at the sink, pump packs that I make sure are at least a quarter full (I refill them from big bulk bottles that I keep elsewhere). Hot tip, when you get bulk hand soap, it’s perfectly fine as shower gel. That’s all I leave apart from the odd things guests have left behind sitting in the cabinet (cotton balls, face wipes, maybe the odd individual mini shampoo etc). I’d say less than a quarter of guests bring their own, or if they do, they take them with them when they leave. Sometimes they leave lovely shampoo behind and I take it home :smiley:

As for things like razors, hand cream, toothpaste etc, nearly everyone is picky and likes their preferred kind, so I suspect you’re wasting your time if you go to too much trouble. Going by the rubbish left behind, there are all sorts of foreign languages on the stuff so they clearly brought them with them. Sunscreen would make sense though if you’re in a sun-holiday destination. Pick one that doesn’t stain :smiley:

I also leave bug spray. So many guests don’t bring it with them but they certainly use it and appreciate it.

I leave large bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. I’ve never had people ask for anything else. Often guests seem to bring their own shampoo, so those bottles last awhile and don’t eat too much into revenue.

As an update to my own thread, I found a cool dispenser that sticks on the wall of my shower. It holds 3 things, and I filled it with shampoo, condition and shower gel. It came with labels for those three items in English, French and Spanish. I love it. It’s easy to clean, easy to fill and there is no waste.

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Hi. I befriended a local craft handmaker of soaps and similar products: they are of very high quality. In my main room, which has an ensuite, I provide 3 decor-matching 500ml dispensers for shampoo, conditioner and bodywash. I refill these at each turnover from 5L dispensing containers I store in my utility room. In addition I provide one 25g bar of soap. All of these are lavender and geranium scented. In my other room, which has no ensuite but which I only let occasionally I provide the body wash and shampoo in 80ml bottles (no conditioner) and the bar of soap. If the bottles are left behind I can refill them from the 5L containers. A 5L container cost £50 first time out; the soap bars 40p and the 80ml bottles 80p. By negotiation, including a business card and hyperlink in my e-welcome guide, I have to this down to £40 / 30p / 70p.

Of course I could go cheaper, but the toiletries have been the subject of very positive feedback; some guests have ordered from the maker directly, and the maker has been very supportive of my bnb on her social media!

I also provide local handmade chocolate, beer, and a greetings card, and local bottled water. All bear the “brand” of our locality to some degree, and I enjoy similar co-operation with most of the other suppliers (not the water as ultimately it’s owned by a multinational monstrosity! but the brand is congruous.) So it’s a high unit cost for day one, but it’s been very positively received, it has the quality standard we want to meet, and the mutual marketing love-in has been very effective.


I have a large Herbal Essence shampoo and conditioner in the shower. At the sinks, there is a Method hand wash and a bar of glycerin soap. In the storage cubbies there is some Method dish soap in case they don’t want to carry their coffee cups, etc. down to the first floor. I suppose I should consider a body wash for the shower as well.

Current guest’s bags didn’t make it to Boston with him, so I pulled out a complementary toothbrush/toothpaste that I had picked up at a hotel in a previous travel. That is not a standard offering however.

i used to leave a big bottle of shampoo that I refill from time to time, but then I started getting complaints and most guests don’t appreciate seeing a used bottle of shampoo, etc. so I decided to buy hotel toiletries which cost me like $2.50 to $3.50 per check-in for an assortment of shampoo, lotion, cream, soap and makeup wipes. I just include this in the cleaning fees and everybody is happy

I use a supplier called bedbathsupplies, they have good prices and ship to Canada

I trust NO strangers. Hence, I offer nothing that can be tampered with by a previous guest. Probablly comes from living in Shitcago. One time toiletries is a small price to pay for piece of mind for myself.

I realise this is a whole year later but I’ve just seen this and as a soap/toiletries maker myself I’d like to commend you! I put my own toiletries in the rooms and it really does make a difference to guests that they don’t have mass market toiletries AND they’re helping local craftspeople.

Anyone here supply a shower puff/louffa for their guests, along with shower gel?

I always have shower gel. I have provided a shower puff when the Dollar store has them 2 or 3 for a dollar. However I toss it after it’s been used. I put them packaged and/or with tag on in a drawer. Right now I don’t have any. This is in a $39-42 a night rental with mostly one night stays. I’d have no problem providing one every time at a higher price point.

Also most of my guests are driving, not flying so they have plenty of room to pack their own.

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What toiletries do I provide?

The one one with the pull down chain

No, to me that would be disgusting to have more than one person use a shower puff/luffa.

I used to do those too and replace with every guest but it became a hassle quickly. I now just provide a stack of washcloths. You can get a stack for 3.99 at Ross or marshalls and just toss them in the wash with the rest of the laundry.