What to do if a guest can't leave due to snow storm and next guest is arriving the same day?

I have a guest currently staying in my remotely managed whole house Airbnb and checking out tomorrow. They live about 4 hours away. We are planning on arriving tomorrow as well. The potential problem is that there is a snow storm with up to 5 feet coming in tomorrow morning and they not be able to get out. We are staying in the area tonight so we do not have to drive far to get there. What to do if a guest says they can’t drive through the storm and won’t/can’t leave?

You might ask that the current guest leave a day earlier for safety sake, with a refund of that day… also reminding them that checkout is firm.


Are you the guest that is arriving?

It’s actually my daughter.

Who is your daughter? The guest that is there or the guest who is arriving?

Hard to comment as you haven’t provided much information. Can you expand on the situation?

Rolf’s suggestion is a good one and should be discussed now. If they balk, then you’ll have a hard time forcing them out. I don’t even know how one plans to enter a place due to get 5 ft of snow. Don’t the roads close? I can’t imagine anything that outranks everyone’s safety.


@Helsi Sorry, I was trying to be as clear as possible. There is anAirbnb guest in today checking out tomorrow. My daughter is arriving at our Airbnb tomorrow. My daughter is staying in the area tonight. Does that clear things up?

@KKC It is in the Tahoe area and the pass over the Sierra does close at times then they reopen as they clear it. I agree with Rolf, offer the guest a refund if they want to leave.

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@Rolf I think that is a smart idea and that is what I am going to do. Thank you!

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Yes it does. if the guest can’t physically leave the area because of bad snow, it would be unfair to make them leave if driving conditions are dangerous/ there is no public transport.

The guest arriving being your daughter makes things easier doesn’t it? Could she not stay with you?

Alternatively if it is not too late and safe to do so, then I think @Rolf 's suggestion is a good one.

It sounds like the storm is messing up your plans for a visit at the cabin with the daughter. Maybe offer a two night refund for the guest.

@Helsi I understand. I am going with the offer of a refund to leave early. My daughter is driving up already so I would not want her to be left out either. Some people have more experience driving in the snow than others. I don’t know them but I do know my daughter’s abilities.

@KKC The guest currently in was scheduled for 2 nights so I don’t think I will refund both nights. The incoming snow storm has been forecasted for more than a week. I can’t imagine anyone not checking the weather before going over a mountain pass in the winter.

I can absolutely understand your concern. All our public transport is closing down tomorrow because of an unexpected cold spell and heavy snow.

It is a difficult dilemma.

Have you spoken to the guest? You might be worried about nothing and they are happy to drive back in the morning.

Is it possible for your daughter to turn back?

Just thinking out loud in terms of options.

I can. Nevertheless, it’s an interesting situation. Do keep us posted on how this resolves.


Oftentimes the danger isn’t you or your daughter, it’s the other people.

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@Helsi She has already paid for accommodations and ski tickets so I don’t think she would be too happy to turn around but yes, that would be an option but not fair to her either.

@KKC So very true.

I agree, but thought it might be safer for her @catsland1 people drive like idiots even when conditions are poor.

Anyway good luck and give those guests a call they might be happy to travel in the morning.

Perhaps suggest that the Donner party who are arriving tomorrow have asked if there will be guests staying there during the snow storm or do they need to bring their own food. :japanese_goblin: