What price to set for extra guests

Hi there, we currently have an Airbnb listed in the mountains that we set to sleep up to 6 people max; 2 bedrooms each with queen beds and a sofa bed. Priced from $130-$200/night, comps are within this range as well. We are considering in adding in an extra guest fee set at the following options:

  • $20 after 3 people
  • $25 after 4 people

In addition we do have exterior security cameras on the property so we can monitor how many people are actually staying if need be.

One of the reasons for the extra guest fee is to compensate for extra cleaning of linens etc. Our concern is say if someone has 2 kids, one might ust the the bedroom and/or sofa bed which brings us to the question if we should charge after 3 or 4 people and if those prices are reasonable?

Have a look at what others locally are charging @rjruiz

It seems like you’re centering the fee around whether the guests use the sofa bed (and I assume the extra laundry associated with it and possibly other cleaning and wear-and-tear associated with it’s use) Just remember that 2 people can use 2 beds and 3 people can use all 3 beds and it will happen occasionally.

My second guest fee is only $5 because it’s a small room and almost all one night guests. I stayed in a large luxury home once and it was a flat rate for the first 6 and then $50 per person per day for any over 6. The house had a guest limit of 10.

You need to not only know the comps for your market you have to think about your goal. If you actively want to discourage larger groups then you need a relatively high extra guest fee. If you are just trying to recoup your added costs but keep the overall rate affordable you’ll want a lower fee.


We are in the same price range and do $20-25 depending on the season for extra guests so I think that is a good range for the fee; however, I recommend that you pick one or the other to avoid confusion with guests. Either make it $25 after 3 or make it $20 after 3, just pick one rate for extra guests after a certain number of guests.

It doesn’t make sense to me to have 2 different rates for extra guests. Some people book for one even though they are bringing 5 and you’ll need to get that corrected, so you will have to have enough conversation about the extra guest fee with your guests without the extra burden of explaining why it changes twice.

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I have a home that sleeps 6 (1 king, 1 queen and 2 full). I could go up to 8 or even 10 but I don’t like large groups.

Also, I have a sofa bed I just charge an extra flat fee for using, regardless of the headcount since it isn’t required to comfortably sleep the 6. I had a group of 5 older guys rent it once because they just didn’t want to share beds :woman_shrugging:t4:. I don’t really advertise it anymore because I found it encouraged people to try to sneak in more folks than the 6 I usually allow.

Not sure if you know, but there is only one place for an extra guest fee to be automatically added. So then you’d have to make a request for funds via RC. Maybe a bit confusing for guests, like @JJD says.

I used to upcharge starting after 4 people but it was just confusing my guests who often interpret the “sleeps” number as what they get for the price they see. So I price for 6, period. If a group is less than 6 it doesn’t matter (no discounts). I’ve had groups of 2 and 3 stay. 4 is not unusual. People are often willing to pay more for the extra privacy they get with a whole house listing on it’s own lot.

I do charge a bit less than the “sleeps 8” places around me as I found most don’t up-charge after 6 for the most part.

Absolutely. And I didn’t even think of the fact that there isn’t a way to automatically apply more than one type and amount of extra guest fee.

So, having different amounts of extra guest fees for different numbers of guests would not only involve (simple) algebra but also the resolution center, and I imagine a ton of back and forth with guests about it. Not worth it.

We usually have couples but can accommodate 4 guests. 50$ per night per guest is added on to their quote if they input the correct # of guests. Definately simpler is better, make it automatic, not a resolution.

I recently had someone give me the worst review ever over holiday season because I charge $55 (about 1/3 of base price) per person per night for 3 or 4. She hadn’t factored that in to the price (or Air’s fee) so thought she had been ripped off. 1 for Value. She also hadn’t read the listing so thought at the price she paid the place should have been of a higher standard which is just bizarre. So whatever you decide make it clear to guests they are choosing to bring more than 2 people and will pay extra for that.