What is Your Booking Rate?

I’m just curious how we compare to other hosts on our booking rate. Airbnb is showing that on one of our two rentals our booking rate is 1.8% (i.e. 1.8% of the people who view our listing book it). The other one is 1.6%.

How are you guys doing on that?

You can find it under Stats/Views.

My booking rate is 2%. However, there are so many factors involved that I believe it to be a worthless statistic.

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Mine is 5.5% today, it was 14% the first time I checked.

My average for two listings is 11%. But it’s quiet season here and I’ve made sure both my listings are low end of the price range for the area (I’m still happy with it) so I guess that’s why it’s high at the moment

As of today 7.3% - we only get an average of five views a day but at the moment we’re getting more than enough bookings. we’re new hosts, though, and we don’t charge that much.

We’re sitting at 3.6% at the butt end of Season here in South Florida

Hmm… I didn’t see that! Thanks.

No, you’re not. There was another topic on exactly the same subject a while ago.

Our booking rate is 0.5% as of today. That’s surely because we are largely well booked up in advance. People look, but find that they can’t book for the days they want. No problem. It’s a meaningless statistic.

Wow, you all have really high rates!

It really doesn’t tell you much though without more information. To be really useful we’d have to know the average booking rate on properties near us. Without that info it doesn’t really tell us anything.

If we had that info though it could be really useful. Like if you were lower than your nearby competitors it would prompt you to check if you were doing something wrong. You might find your prices were too high or your photos weren’t good. But without the comparative stats, it really doesn’t tell us anything at all.

Weird, every time I click on your link K9KarmaCasa, it logs me out of the site.

Except me. :slight_smile:
But truly, I don’t think it means anything at all. It’s bookings that count!

I’ve never paid attention to that number. Mine is a measly 1.3%. As Ellen mentioned, it’s not a very reliable statistic since it’s based on number of views. So if I have fewer views but the same number of reservations the percentage of course will go up.

I may have a listing that’s right at the top–which mine seems to be–so it’s getting tons of hits. But people don’t usually take the first listing they see, so they move on to the gazillion other ones in my area.

2.3%, but agree that it is kind of an odd statistic. It would be useful if they gave us the booking statistics of our competitors.

This is a pointless number, since it depends so much on how far out your calendar is open and other kind of pointless factors. I track revenue (the only number that really matters), and also actual occupancy rate.


It’s a stat that airbnb are trying to use to get hosts into a tizzy. Omg my booking rate is 1.6% and the only way I can improve it and turn lookers into bookers is by lowering my price! Omg off I go then to lower my prices because I sure want my booking rate higher…

Sooo glad no-one on here is falling for this guff.


Note I said: no-one on here. Since hosts on this forum constitute a very small representation of the wider hosting community it of course doesn’t cover the large amount of hosts who are going it alone and don’t know any better.

The link to the other thread on the same topic or the link to my airbnb listing that is part of my profile here?

Starting threads starts a conversation. And means that hosts realise through the resultant discussion it’s nothing to worry about.

You might be lucky @Robert_Dudley because it seems you inherently have a bit of cynicism. For those more trusting souls, I would far rather see more of these threads with hosts looking to discuss these issues than hosts lowering their prices without a second thought. If a third thread starts so be it.

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1.3%! But I have also been UNDER 1% in the past. Meaningless. We use the property ourselves, plus I get over half my days booked now from HomeAway/VRBO.