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What is with guests never locking my front door?


I provide guests with the front door key to my house. And for some reason, it seems to happen a lot with men they leave and just leave the front door unlocked. I live in a big city which stpaul. It’s a nice treat but rapes and burglaries happen. It seems pretty straightforward that they wouldn’t leave their own home or a hotel room unlocked. They wouldn’t just walk out and leave it. if I’m home and sitting in the backyard, I lock the front door so no one can come in and steal from me while I’m sitting blissfully in my backyard.
Why do they do this with my house? I was politely ask them to lock it but it seems like it should be just common sense. Am I missing something?


Well…maybe you’re missing the leaflet ‘How daft are patients, customers, guests and people in general’!

Tell me about your door? On my properties, I’ve had to remove the deadlocks, the very secure 5 lever Chubb locks. I was disappointed from a security point of view, but in a fire, if you haven’t got that key on you, you can only escape as far as the inside of that door. Now all I have on each door is the Yale lock, which from the inside can always be opened from the inside with a twist of the knob. So now my doors just pull shut from the outside. Maybe some of your guests assume the same?
One more ‘door’ story. At the pub we had a phone call from a friend who was locked inside her flat. The lodger from upstairs had locked the door as he left, and she couldn’t unlock it to get out, so her boyfriend had to go back with his keys, because she was thirsty,
Some doors become nice and safe if you close it behind you, then lift the handle.

So it’s tricky, you’ll just have to tell them.


they could just be from an area where they don’t lock doors. You don’t need to lock doors where I live, so it might be difficult for me to remember to lock a door. Although, in a hotel I wouldn’t forget. And if someone was home, it wouldn’t cross my mind to lock the door. But if you reminded me, I’d think I would remember.


The front door is not complicated. It is a single deadbolt lock that you open with a key. It doesnt get any easier than that.


Thanks. I politely reminded my current guest via air bnb message. He leaves early in the morning before anyone else is up and its unlikely but always possible that an intruder could come in and rob and rape myself or my daughter. This guest has lived in Minneapolis for years so he knows the possibility of crime and he is studying to be a doctor so he’s not stupid. I am just irritated that it’s happened 3 times with male guests all of whom are from major US citiies so culture or anything like that is not a valid reason in my opinion. I could put a note by the door saying “please lock behind you when you leave” and maybe that is my next step.


Is it only happening when you or your daughter are home? Or were they also leaving the house unlocked when they were the last person to leave?


Both. We were both out most of Saturday and he left before us with the door unlocked. I locked it and my daughter and I were gone most of the day. We come in through the back door where the garage is and I saw the front door was unlocked while my guest was in his room. Anyone could have walked right in, stolen whatever they wanted, and left without anyone knowing. I was very irritated.


Yes, we had this topic before.
Most people are used to have front doors that cannot be opened without key, they “lock” themselves.

It his hard for people to understand that you have such an old fashioned system, where the door has to be locked manually.


Have you tried installing a self locking door?


Then I would definitely go for the sign near the door saying it needs to be locked no matter if someone is still in the house. I live in the country now, so I am more worried about a hungry bear trying to get inside versus an intruder. And when I lived in the city…all years growing up as a kid, i don’t think any of us locked our doors if someone was inside the house. Grew up mostly in Virgina beach. Even one of the neighbors would ask why I bothered to knock and didn’t just let myself in…although that was the only neighbor who had that open door policy. So I think it is definitely a cultural thing…I mean by that maybe depending on which U.S. city these people are from. Or it’s just how some people were raised. I think we only locked the door right before going to bed??


so once locked, can it be opened from inside, without a key?


Are you familiar with how a standard deadbolt lock works? It really is not complicated. You use a key to open it from the outside. To open it from the inside, you dont use a key - you use your fingers to turn the large knob or handle to open the door.


After this, definitely. I am probably giving too much credit to the average person apparently.


I’m pretty sure we don’t use the word deadbolt in UK, thanks for explaining it to me.


if you can make a note for me, so that I don’t leave it unlocked.


We installed a Schlage Connect Wifi enabled lock (plus Wink2 hub)… it cost a bit, but the peace of mind of being able to check and see if it’s locked… or lock or unlock from anywhere is awesome. I set up some notifications so I can know when guests are coming and going… plus I can tell how long the cleaning crew are actually there. It’s been worth every penny to us!


So you are actually overreacting, and being a bit paranoid.
When someone needs a key to get in, then they cannot “walk righ in”.

If you are that paranoid, you should invest in a new front door with an automatic multi-point lock system.
Or maybe stop hosting, because every guest can be a potential robber or rapist too.


Oh yeah! There she was putting me in my place about an unlocked door that can only be opened with a key!


Put it in your house rules and demonstrate it when they arrive. Message them on the app if they don’t do it. Put a sign by the door - lock the door when you come in or go out. Give them a low score for house rules.


@cindiksherman We’re using a similar system, Yale Doorman. If a guest doesn’t lock the door properly, I get a notification on my phone.

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