What is the nicest thing a guest has left for you?

So today I pop in to clean after a guest who we have hosted before stayed for 8 days.

Sitting on the bench all wrapped up in xmas packaging was a gift made out to me with little stickers places all over it.

I opened it up and inside was a pack of sesame/pumpkin seed bars from Singapore and a beautiful I <3 Singapore keyring.

I would probably only get a gift from a guest once or twice a year, its such an amazing feeling.

Has anyone else had a guest leave them a little present?


Unfortunately, when it comes to little presents, ours tend to be left in the bathrooms or toilets :frowning:



We’ve gotten some interesting things … best of all, a “Solar Owl” whoo (all puns intended) sit on the porch rail and soaks up solar energy, then all night long his eyes glow. We also received a nice candy dish once, and several times have gotten bottles of wine.


It’s so lovely when guests leave gifts. I have had perfumed candles, wine, liqueurs, plants, chocolates from people’s home country and I have had guests cook for me.


Lots of stuff over the years - chocolates, books, booze (probably my favourite), restaurant gift cards, cinema gift cards, cash (another favourite), candles, flowers, cake … fattening stuff quite often :slight_smile:

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Some guests sent a “care package” to our housekeeper’s puppy a few weeks after they left. (International shipping - always a pain!)


We had a guest who worked for Harley Davidson.
Since they noticed my husbands bike they left us a beautiful HD coffee mug.

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Yes, I’ve gotten gifts. The “nicest” thing was a gift set from a Chinese guest with a wireless mouse, thumb drive, pen and business card holder. A $25 gift card from the pet store was probably highest dollar value. I’ve been offered free stays with guests who paid to stay with me if I go to their towns. Also holiday cards and I even consider notes in my guest book to be gifts as not everyone takes the time to write there. I consider my nice long, detailed reviews and the effusive private feedback to be gifts. For the most part I’ve met wonderful kind people and this thread is a nice reminder this time of year that it’s an amazing opportunity to both make money and conncect with people.


Cash (several times, to my astonishment), Girl Scout Cookies with a Grandma-esque hug.

A miniature oil painting of historic Downtown Charleston.
It is lovely and I display it on a bookcase.
I have been left many gifts, but that one is my most favorite and most memorable.
I do often get to enjoy leftover foods from groups who overbuy, and that is a bonus too!
90 % of all our experiences are good.

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Chocolate from Poland called “kitten paws” … Guest loved our Himalayans!


My favourite physical thing is a Chinese bookmark, it’s so nice. And a simple line drawing of my cat, it’s beautiful.
My current favourite foodie thing is some totally delicious sweeties from Brittany.

Guests bring gifts far less often these days :frowning:


While we’ve received a few gifts such as candy from the guest’s home country or state, a beautiful candle, coasters, etc., my favorites are the handwritten notes or cards people take the time to write. For some reason those are my favorite.


I’ve only received a few gifts, and usually it’s a generic gift pack of some sort. But two of my favorite gifts are hand made. A coffee cup (the guest must have noticed I collect coffee cups so made me one and brought it on her second stay) and a beautiful aroma bracelet from another guest.

Oh, and a bottle of Bailey’s, which did not go to waste :grin:


I had a guest who was a professional genealogist. He ended up doing a whole family history for me, including pictures of records from the 1800’s in Ireland and newspaper clippings of my great grandfathers murder and stories featuring him as a sandlot ball player.

This booking was for a room so we had some nice conversations before he did this for me. We also had invited him to eat dinner with us and gave his little boy some books. He was up all night pulling our family history.

I was able to share all of the info on box.com and offer it to my extended family members via a post on Facebook. Some did not know a lot of our history.


First time a guest left cash for me, I went running after them thinking that they left it by mistake! I’ve gotten many sweet gifts. One guest left me a beautiful note and $100. The cash was wonderful, but the note is what I treasure most as it expressed how I made her feel welcome and loved.


Hi there Adnie I am a host from New Zealand and have quite a few Singaporean’s to stay. Have to say they are my most favourite guests to host. Always so happy kind and polite and incredibly clean and tidy. Great people have to say.


Good to hear it @sugarpuff. But this thread is about nice things are guests leave us.

Have you any experiences around this to share?

Love your user name BTW.

An enormous bunch of lilies - that almost covered my dining table.
They were left by a couple: antique dealers combining a weekend away with a buying trip to the antique fair. I think he bought them for her as a grand romantic gesture, but I suspect she
didnt like the smell, and tactfully decided there wasnt room in the car to take them home.
After a few days, when they’d all fully opened, I could see why - I had to keep all the windows open for 2 weeks, and i still felt slightly high - but it was worth it, they were beautiful, and much more interesting than the usual haul of leftovers.