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What is the nicest thing a guest has left for you?


The OP did specifically mention Singapore guests leaving notes. I’d be a little sad if all the threads stuck strictly to the topic.


You are right of course @K9KarmaCasa

I didn’t see the references to notes and I think the fact threads evolve is one of the best things about this forum.


We’ve had a few gifts of food from the guests country - most have been delicious ( some Chinese tea was not to our taste sadly but beautifully packaged ). We’ve been taken out to dinner by an American couple - they insisted they paid for everything ! Very generous. We’ve shared many evenings out on our deck with guests and I’ve shared our evening meal a few times. We too have had invites to go stay with guests for free which is beyond generous. We too feel delighted when guests leave reviews in our cabin guest book.
We’ve had 90% great guests this past 2 years with the other 10% breaking our no smoking rule. So we’ve been lucky I guess. We love meeting such an array of mostly well educated and interesting people - well done Airbnb and well done all of us !!


Hi, we’ve had a collection of items from cycle shorts to chocolates.
The nicest experience, four guests from Taiwan brewing a beautiful tea and sharing it.


Oh I can relate to that! I’ve been given so much Chinese tea and have found almost all of it quite undrinkable :frowning: But you’re right, it’s always in a lovely box or canister. I use some of them to keep little bits and bobs in (having ditched the tea!)


Yes I now keep my fruit tea in the beautiful pot !! The tea bags im keeping for my next Chinese guest !


You are lucky, Only gifts we get are leftover in the friedge :slight_smile:


We have had two different guests leave us jars of honey from their bee hives. Left over beer is always appreciated.


Guest noticed my teapot collection and left me a beautiful teapot.


Reckon I’ll start showing guests my rum collection then :wink:



Just had another amazing guest leave us 7 6 packs of beer! (thats our xmas party covered!) And they had another guest stay the night so they left a $50 note on the bench.

There were all young 18 year olds, I wasnt looking forward to the clean up the next day, but they were super clean! Even made the beds and put all the towels in a pile.

I really should learn to not prejudge guests based on age!

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