What is best way to increase bookings

Im very new to this, i have had two stays so far and they have both went very well. i am getting a ton of inquiries but not as many bookings as Id like. here is my property,

any advice is appreciated

Talk to you all soon

Bryan, how are you promoting your rental? Don’t answer that - we often get people asking how to increase bookings and they never do anything to promote their own business - they just rely on Airbnb to do it.

Are you going to be the first one to say that you’re doing some promotion yourself?


How did you determine $975 per-night for your home?

Yes, it looks wonderful and sleeps 12 people; but it is not at an exotic beach-side resort area.

I am using other platforms as well as a company that is involved in placing insurance claims for mid to long term. I’m open to other ideas and am not afraid to put in the work!! thanks

we determined that price because of the other lake front properties and larger homes around fort worth, do you think it is too high? Thanks

If you’re willing to expend a couple of hours a week, then I’d concentrate on getting the message out via social media. You might also consider having your own website - not just about your rental but about your area (but with many links to your listing, of course). This has the added advantage of building up into a resource guide for your guests.

If you like to write, write a few articles about your listing. They don’t have to be long - a max of about 400 words is enough these days. Submit these articles to travel websites so that you can reach an even greater audience. (Remember that site editors and writers can be lazy so they love a ready made article - with images if possible).

By the way, your property is gorgeous :slight_smile:

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I would lower the price to $700 per-night.

Then, if you get more frequent bookings, raise the rental fee $100 every four weeks until it reaches your original $975 rate.

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Just to show you, @bryan114, that all hosts are different,. :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t. You’re offering plenty of great facilities and you’re unlikely to get - or want - bargain hunters.

thank you for the ideas, i will try all of them.

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im going to consider the advice, we are in the hunt for upscale clients, but I WANT MORE BOOKINGS, HA.

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You say you only have two stays but there are 9 reviews. It looks like you just bought or took over management of the place and you got saddled with some poor reviews. I’ve rented comparable places before and there’s no way I’m renting a place with 4 stars for cleanliness which is something the host has complete control over.

Also you have to be active on Airbnb. You can’t just list it and forget it. Tinker with the price, wording, whatever to make it look like you are check it every day. Some of the pictures aren’t very good, especially at that price point.

There are tons of colleges in the area, lots of people, plenty of money. You need to market to college reunion groups, family reunions, college graduations. Contact the colleges with information about your rental.

My other suggestion is to contact the Guest Relations / Public Relations / Marketing Sales offices of the nearby entertainment venues you listed of your property description:

  • Cowboys/Rangers Sports complex
  • Mavericks/Stars sports arena
  • Texas Motor Speedway (20 mins-all highway)
  • One of the world’s largest casinos (WinStar)
  • Fort Worth Stockyards

Tell each office of your beautiful house, which they might wish to rent for their “VIP high-roller” clients.

Host an “open house” reception, with wine and appetizers, for these offices to see your vacation home in-person. Have printed brochures/flyers (with lots of color photos) of your house to take back to their offices.


I just took over the management two stays ago, ill take your advice on the colleges, thanks

that’s a great idea, thanks

Your house is absolutely gorgeous! Perhaps to get more bookings you can send offers to previous guests giving them a discount.

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i have done that, thank you for the compliment

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Maybe mention something about “new management” in the listing? Or run a special tied to the “new management” aspect. The discount shouldn’t be too great but just something to be eye catching.

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Professional photos. Less photos on nonsensical things, and more of the interior. If I’m spending that much, I want to SEE what I’m buying.

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Totally agree, just booked a photographer and will be updating pics very soon…thanks for the help!


@bryan114 I suggest reducing your rate until you have a few 5 star reviews and then increasing it.

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