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What is best way to increase bookings


I don’t disagree with you, I’m contemplating that, the house costs so much to maintain. Thanks for your response


@bryan114 Yes, I understand that the cost of such a beautiful home is high and that you have to charge a proportionally high rates to cover your expenses, but having more 5-star reviews will help you because potential guests will be more likely to book your place if they see others have left great reviews. I know I would be hesitant to book an expensive listing for a reunion or other family gathering without “evidence” that previous guests loved the place and have recommended the host.


you’re right and i agree with all that. going to make a decision on that soon…thanks again for advice.


This is great advice for anyone promoting their Airbnb. However will need to engage #1 daughter to build a website.

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“We are not in the watch business. We are in the luxury business.” Or so says a former president of Rolex.

I would add that with this gorgeous listing that you are not really in the STR business, you are in the luxury business. The mass client is not going to understand this. The luxury client will. So I would start to align myself luxury purveyors, of which I daresay there are many.

I would take a long look at luxury brands. Think like a millionaire. The big issue with the luxy client is trust and privacy.


its really good that i am getting both schools of thought on this. Its making the decision on price that much harder. Luckily I just got an inquiry today that is supposedly going to confirm tomorrow for 5 days starting next week. I have reached out to a couple of PR offices today for the local sports around the area, haven’t heard back but will keep trying.

Has anyone used GUESTY? is there anything to their SEO program? thanks again y’all


I would move the picture of the bunk beds to last. Or AT LEAST AFTER pictures of the rest of the beds. Seeing that as the second bed picture in such a luxe place is a stark contrast and weird. Given the luxury of the place I would replace it with at least a wooden one instead of the cheap metal. I have a budget listings with one but the bottom bunk is a futon so a bit more versatile. Its just weird among the rest of the pics and to have it so early in the pics makes it kind of off-putting.

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The home looks like it was purpose-built to entertain. Basically, it was designed for parties and events, but the house rules say no to that, then later it says on a case-by-case basis. Maybe that’s the safe way to word it, but it might be turning away potential guests.


We live in a not too friendly neighborhood and city and have had problems with larger parties, police and other city officials, so we’d like to entertain offers for bigger parties but right now it’s not possible


Noted, got new pics yesterday, will be updating soon, thanks for the input

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The problem is that everyone wants to be in the upscale market.
But the higher you get the smaller the pond gets, and the more demanding your guests are.
Also you will not stay in the upscale market without investing a lot of money every year.

Looking at the pictures a photographer won’t do, you will need a stylist and a painter too. If you want to be upscale it needs to be reflected in the pictures, everything needs to be perfect.

Your pictures of the outdoor kitchen show a lot of waterstains, a rusty grate an loads of other visual imperfections. This will turn off potential upscale guests.

Going trough the pictures there are many more of these issues that need to be handled to attract more guests.

The upscale market also needs a completely different marketing approach. They want you to get to them. Use Instagram and Snapchat. Advertise at marinas and golfresorts, everywhere where the money is.


It is almost impossible to SEO your way past all the OTAs and listing sites.

Guesty is expensive, I use OwnerReservations. Some use smartbnb, freetobook, etc

Note, a lot of STR insurance companies not like bunk beds (ladders). Not sure smart to include pictures or mention of it


Thank you for the information on SEO, I’m waiting to see what this guys pictures looks like, he seemed to know what he was doing

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