What Insurance Co. to use?

Recently found out that Airbnb Insurance really isn’t anything to bank on. I contacted Proper Ins. and they quoted me $2600 per year. We pay $1200 per year now with Farmers Ins., so that would be $1200 more per year. I would like to know if you use Proper Ins., and what do you think about it? And what other Insurances Y’all are using. We live in our house but leave it when we rent it to Airbnb folks. We only have done so very part-time but plan on unblocking more time to get Airbnb folks. I am in California.

Our situation is totally unlike yours so I imagine that our costs would be very different but $2600 doesn’t sound too bad. It depends on the coverage, of course.

Yes, your own insurance is essential if you’re going to host.

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I WISH we could get insurance for only $2600 a year!!! Ours is twice that because we’re in a particular county in Florida…

I checked with Proper. They quoted me $1500 a year (Hurrah!) only to discover the policy did not cover “wind damage” – something you really need in the hurricane target area. Their response “Oh, you wanted wind coverage in Florida? That’ll be an extra $5200 a year.” Needless to say we did not accept their proposal…

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I have a whole-home listing and I have Proper. Their price was about twice the price of the standard homeowner’s policy we had before moving to short term rentals. Coverage is quite good compared to others I looked at, but I’ve never had a claim, so I can’t speak for that part.

If you’re not booked very solid, you could check out Slice, which is a pay-per-day insurance. But you need a compatible homeowner’s policy to cover the property when you’re not renting. I used Progressive (before switching to Proper) and they were able to find a compatible policy that was even cheaper than my previous homeowners, plus Slice partners with Progressive and gives their customers a discount. I ended up not doing this because it was more expensive than proper for the occupancy I expected. You’ll have to do the math to see if it makes sense fore you to go that route.

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Actually, that’s $1400 more per year by my math… :wink:

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I am with Lloyds of London via a California firm. Our usual rate in Florida is high due to hurricanes, the new policy added about $800 (40%) more to our costs. I have already posted the info on the agent on another post, but if you need it, will be glad to provide. I could only find three companies that would cover STRs, and this was the most reasonable.


Doing our taxes just now and for two rental apartments we pay €209.82 in total, per annum. Minimal contents cover (€5,000) but full building cover and €2,000,000 public liability.


I’ve also heard CBIZ is worth considering.

State Farm has a reasonably priced STR rider to their regular HO insurance, but it’s intended for hosts who are present when guests visit.

That is exactly like Proper. What company is it?

The agent was in Chicago and then he sent the form for Allied (?) in California.

I put the info on this site in Dec. or Jan.

Sean Murphy smurphy@farmersagent.com

If you contact Sean if you mention my name it would probably make it easier for him to figure it out.

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I am with Lloyds of London via a California firm.

That is exactly like Proper. What company is it?