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What if we create a database of problematic guests


What if,

a database is created here to save informations about guest, only problematic guests.
save Information of Names of guests
save Information how the tricked hosts
save Information what they damaged in host poperty

I think, it is necessary to do Things like that because Airbnb is mostly leaving us alone
with the Damage guests broght in.

The challenge should be, that every host can check the database and decide if he fulfills the
booking request.

So other hosts will be warned cause if the guests were a Family, every part of the Family can book.
The negarive Evaluation of a host for his guests has only a short result.

Best Regards

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Just simply no, on so many levels, not only legally but also logistically.

On the flip side, we could maybe consider doing one for hosts…



Not to be mistaken as an endorsement, but just for your information, there is a Facebook page called Airbnb Guests Blacklist. I’m guessing it was started for the same purpose. I read it for a few days but stopped following because it just got to be too much. They do collect details even to the extent of posting photos and going into minute detail about trickery and shenanigans, but think about it. There are just too many to really keep track. Do you have the time to check each one? It is mostly a place to vent, I think.


I’m pretty sure this would violate GDPR rules but maybe if it were a private group we could do it!

I think a better solution would be to agree on some kind of “code” to warn other hosts of a bad guest.

For example in the review just say “family x stayed with us for the first week of october” that means beware do not take this person! Without getting into a pissing contest with the guest;


No [wearily], others have suggested this before. Please use the search function to find out what was said.

Nope, please just be honest. If all hosts were honest then the OP wouldn’t have started this thread. The system is there and should be used.


It could rapidly degenerate into a way to get guests back for leaving you a poor review after you left them an okay one. It might say more about the hosts tolerance for criticism than the guests behaviour.


I don’t think it’s a workable idea. I’ve heard of the facebook black list and I’m wondering how many hosts have been protected by it. It just sounds like a place for hosts to vent about bad stays where naming the guest is tolerated. And it’s possibly libelous. So I won’t be posting on any such sites if I ever get a bad enough guest.


Any establishment dealing with the public has it’s blacklists. The difference is that they are private.


I guess my career in public education makes this blacklist idea seem so foreign. Blacklists in my field would have been unethical and illegal. But y’all carry on.


Not me.

Airbnb has provided us with a system. So why aren’t hosts using it?


They would rather skip reviewing the guest because it’s uncomfortable to say unflattering things about people. Especially when you were nice to their face. They fear retaliation either online or in person. They would rather that hosts have a secret list. There is a reason that Airbnb doesn’t share private feedback they get about guests in a form that could be accessed by other hosts.


Absolutely crazy…

If a host has something to say about a guest that’s not-very-nice then why does it matter? The host doesn’t want them back again if they were bad guests. Who, really truly, cares about hurting the feelings of slobs that you’ll never see again? (Even if the guests do see it, which isn’t a definite anyway).

Retaliation? If I write a review that’s not great about a guest then I’m pretty sure that they’re not going to fly back from Russia or Ireland or Sweden or wherever they are from to ‘retaliate’.

Sorry but I’m very impatient with selfish, pathetic hosts who simply can’t be arsed to think about their fellow hosts and write honest reviews.


There was a time that some hotels might have second thoughts about Keith Richards.


I’m sure. But we are not hotels and none of my guests is anything approaching the god status of Keith Richards. :wink:

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I do think this is a good idea . As I have have few guest that I have not been happy with . But also caused me undue stress . And treated me badly. Damaged some of my property. I have been doing Airbnb for nearly a year . These people write about you in the most horrible way . These guests have no feed back . There should be a a list to put them on.

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I agree. My nightmare guests never have any feedback. I’ve thought about making feedback a requirement but I always think, “everyone starts somewhere.”


It’s not a good or doable idea.
First of all there will be thousands and thousands of guests if not millions of guests when we thing internationally.
One can’t search here to find out if Bob Smith was a bad guests or not. But we dont and cant search and Besides there might be hundreds of Bob Smiths. Or Robert Smith.
And who says that whoever wrote info on Bob Smith was not biased? Perhaps it was his neighbor who’s pissed off that Bob Smith’s dog pees on his roses and decided to create an account here and trash him.
And I am not sure it’s legal to keep info about people.


They don’t care. They like the illusion of control.


I think we, hosts, have to get better at reading people. For example I had a request today from a guy who said he wanted to book my house for “me and some friends” to make a movie, for 7 days. I didn’t know how to press the decline button faster. when I looked at previous reviews, the most recent said he was a nightmare guest and basically trashed the place where he stayed for 1 day. Imagine 7! So I don’t need lists on FB to know the guy was terrible.


Exactly! That’s what @jaquo and I are saying. Review guests honestly and let later hosts figure it out. Someone shouldn’t need to invited to the secret blacklist party to know if a guest has messed up somewhere previously. And a nightmare in a whole house or shared setting might do fine at my listing. Tell me what happened so I can determine what I need to do.

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