What I do now! my Airbnb account is blocked

My Airbnb account is blocked.

It’s kind of hard to tell what happened without seeing the entire message exchange.

What is your question and what actually happened @Fatema_Mahmood?

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I think that the OP just joined so I don’t understand what the question is either. To go to the trouble of joining and posting, there must be one.

This is reading between the lines …

Guest booked for one person. Two came. (Message bubble one where you can just see a couple of words). Host insisted on knowing second guest’s name. Guest objected saying it was an invasion of privacy. (And some people definitely see it that way). Guest told Airbnb about this ‘invasion’. Airbnb delisted account?

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I’m wondering if the account was suspended, or if the guest just blocked the OP. Or if the dates they had booked were blocked…

Good point. I’d thought that the Airbnb had somehow ‘blocked’ the host’s account but you’re so right - it could just be that the guest has blocked him/her from sending any more messages.

Today’s little mystery :slight_smile:

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