What does the guest see when you deny a request

I want to deny future requests from a recent booking but don’t want them to know I just don’t want them here. This couple has already contacted me through the messaging app to check on a last minute night that was blocked on my calander because I don’t do next day bookings. So I guess, in spite of my misgivings, I made them feel welcome :slight_smile:

I am a homeshare host. I am not on IB.

The back story: I recently accepted a couple who live locally. I didn’t realize they were local as the booking guest had not put their location in their profile. Note to self - always ask “I see you do not have a city listed in your profile, where are you coming from?”

I am uncomfortable with these guests for several reasons -

  1. They are local and it feels unsafe to have local people know the signs of when we are not home (cars in driveways etc.)
  2. Although I would not consider them “bad” guests, there were some annoyances - parking in front of the neighbors when the check-in instructions clearly say to park in the driveway and not moving their car until the next day even when personally pointing out the driveway was available for their parking (note to self - be more directive “You need to move your car” instead of the mild “The driveway is available so we don’t have cars in front of the neighbors.” Evidence in the trash of powerdrinks in the room when I request water only due to the wall to wall carpets. They were aware of this and used the kitchen for their meals.
  3. It was clear they were only here because they couldn’t be together in their homes. Both (over 18) still live with parents. What they do is their business but I don’t want MY business to become the place for local young adults to hook up. I’ve been in this community a long time and am at an age where I may end up konwing someone’s mom or grandmother! That would be awkward.

So back to my question - If I deny a request what will the guest see? Do I have to give them a reason and will the guest see the reason?
This last request was easy because it was blocked on the app and I just said “Sorry, no.” when asked it we were available.

I have tried severl versions of this question in the help menu and didn’t get an answer.Actually got lots of suggested topics - none of which answered my question!!

I don’t specifically know the answer to your question but you can finesse the issue. I surmise that they won’t see your booking, that they will not be notified if you simply block them. That’s what I have done a few times.

You press those three little dots to the right of the message to block them, saying or pressing the key that they were offensive without ever explaining what. From that point on they cannot contact you; I don’t think your listing will ever show up for them.

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They get a message saying that their booking request has been denied.


Just deny the request and message them that those dates are closed for planned maintenance ?


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@Terryathome I don’t really understand not wanting guests to be aware of why hosts wouldn’t want them back. Why not just be honest, why all the subterfuge?

“Hi XX, While there was nothing particularly objectionable about you as guests, I am really not comfortable taking bookings from locals, for various reasons, and while I realize that you and your girlfriend want a private space to spend time together, I am uncomfortable with my listing being booked as a hook-up place, which really isn’t appropriate in a home-share listing. I suggest you look for stand-alone listings to book for this purpose.”


Did you write a review and not get the "Would not host again " yes / no choice?
That is how they can never book you.


Still pondering the review. They were both friendly, sat and chatted with us over tea. Left everything “neat and tidy.” No big red flags so at a loss as to what to say. My fault they didn’t immediately move the car. I should have been more assertive. No damage from the drinks. Main discomfort is local residence and the age but legally they are adults.
I just checked his profile and he has added his city so my desire to let other local hosts know he is from this area has been met. I told him that I was suprised they were local and some hosts would be put off by not having that information. Again 20/20 hindsite, I should have been more direct in a friendly manner and let them know my preference is for travelers.

You can leave any amount of stars you want to and still get the “would not host again option” I did that once and Airbnb asked me why, I just wrote down my reasons and that’s the end of it. They won’t be able to see your listing. If they call for direct booking tell them its booked. They can’t see your calendar.


Well, from what you say about them, they actually sound like sweet, unproblematic guests and I don’t see any reason to ponder over the review. It sounds like there was nothing wrong with their communication, cleanliness, or following house rules (aside from the parking issue, which you admit you could have been clearer on, and the power drinks in the garbage, which seems minor, considering they didn’t spill them anywhere, which is why we have those kinds of rules- to pre-empt accidents, not because there’s inherently anything wrong with drinking something other than water in the bedroom). I’d give these kids a 5* review.

And while it isn’t up to me to say what another host should or should not feel comfortable with, if it were me, I’d let them book again. As a homeshare host myself, I understand not wanting guests to book for the purpose of hook-ups (although I only host one guest at a time, so the issue doesn’t come up), it’s not as if they are booking for a one-night stand Tinder date- they are a “couple”, they just don’t have a private place to get together. And your concerns about running into their parents and having to explain doesn’t make sense to me- they are consenting adults, not 15 year olds- they probably live with their parents because they can’t afford to have a place of their own, not because their parents are dictating whether they can have sex or not, or would be shocked that they are sexually active, or that they would be mad at you for providing a space for them.

And while I understand general concerns about locals, as far as scoping the place out for a future theft, it really doesn’t sound like these kids are anyone you have to worry about in that regard. Criminal types don’t normally sit around and have friendly, polite chats with hosts.

The only reason I could see for not welcoming them back is if their sexual escapades were loud and therefore made others in the household uncomfortable.


We live in a very rural area. That said, people from a 100+ mile area could be considered “local”, & we have had numerous guests stay in our home who are local. Often couples want to just get away for a weekend without having to go far from home- they are more than welcome to enjoy a stay at our place!
I’m not here to judge why this guest is renting a room from me, I’m in the hospitality industry, & am here to accommodate that guest- no judgements whatsoever.
If, for whatever reason, you don’t want to host this guest again, simply note in your review that you would not host again, & block them.


Can’t you just click the button to say you wouldn’t host the guest again at the end of your review of the guest?

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I know I can click that button and I know I can block them. I want to know what they see when that happens and they try to book again.

For various reasons, I don’t want them to know that I would prefer they not book and I don’t want to have them know they have been blocked.

They sound like great guests, I don’t understand why you don’t want them to book again. Everything you say about them makes me want to book them.

I understand that they parked on the street in front of a neighbor’s house, but why does that matter? Especially since they moved the car when you asked them to do so. Are you trying to hide your guests from your neighbors?

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To be honest - the main issue is that they are local. I just don’t want to be a substitute for a no-tell motel for youngsters hooking up.I don’t want them telling friends this is a great option. This is my home.

Parking is a side issue. BTW they waited until the next day to move the car. My neighbors know about my airbnb room. I promised them there would not be an impact on their parking.

I haven’t decided if I am going to check “would not host again” or not. As I said - I want to know what the guest sees when you deny a request and expanded to does the guest know they have been blocked? I don’t want to impact their ability to book others because I am uncomfortable but for the reasons already stated I would rather not have them book here.

I think it is time to close the thread.

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Your wish is my command!