What do you think of offering an "experience" on the platform?

I have been looking at those “experiences” that air offers. Would it be part of a stay, or would it be offered separate? If it was part of a stay, I was thinking a few hours of farm stuff to do. Any one out there currently doing experiences?

There was a thread about this very recently, have a look via the search.

I typed in a search, unfortunately it shows everything. We use the word “experience” alot…

Type in offer an experience. There’s a discussion 10 days ago.

Does Anyone Here Offer An Experience?

This might be the one @Jess1 was referring to.

What makes it great is that it offers a real chance for hosts to give guests unique access to their area and community. Plus, the fact that it lets you generate an extra income is rather attractive. You can promote it to your guests, but it is a separate service on Airbnb from Airbnb property hosting. So, to host an experience, you don’t have to host overnight guests.

With regards to your idea, according to the latest trends guests are looking for ways to spend more time outside. So, letting them do farm stuff could work. Good luck!

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