Does anyone here offer an 'experience'?

I paint furniture as a hobby and have thought for a while I might run weekend workshops.
The package would consist of Saturday arrival, overnight accommodation, Sunday breakfast then the 3h workshop.

How does this sound?

Also I have a good friend locally that guides mountain climbing, can I also offer a package that I don’t actually do myself?


Go to Airbnb central and read up on what it takes to do an Experience. I’m in the process of setting up one where people come for a weekend to learn to play Mountain Dulcimer.

Love hammered dulcimer.

I just love getting hammered…


That’s the “other” dulcimer. :roll_eyes::rofl: We call those players Hammerheads!

I’ve been building and playing Mountain Dulcimer for about 40 years; one of these days I’ll get it right:laughing:

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Cheers mate; bottoms up!

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I see no reason why not. We’re in popular cycling (think Middle Aged Men in Lycra…) country and have already teamed up with someone who rents decent bikes out, including delivering/collecting them from the house for guests. I haven’t listed this under “experiences” though.

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She probably wishes she hadn’t lived to see it.