What do you offer as kitchen amenities

Hi friends,

I have an apartment with a kitchen, and I hope you all can help/share your setup.

The kitchen is not big - it has a fridge, range with oven, pretty good sized sink, and a decent work surface (L-shaped) - not for gourmet chefs, but enough for everyday cooking (ok, barely enough :)). I also have coffe machine, pots and pans, cooking utensils, plates, bowls, cups, glasses and silverware. Also can/wine bottle openers, measuring cups, grater…
There is no dishwasher and no pantry.
Due to the size of the kitchen, there really is no space for a dishwasher - if I installed it, it would cut into the cabinet space.
I did (per suggestion of one guest) add a microwave - one of the small corner models. It did take away from the countertop space, but most of my guests are 1-3 night and I think microwave may be more important to them.

Now, I got nicked on the review for a lack of toaster and a blender (do I need to mention the guest did not ask for either, they just fussed in the review).

I guess I can add a toaster and a blender and keep them in the cabinets (really not enough space on the counter for everything).

Besides what I mentioned, what else should I add to the kitchen to make it “fully equipped”?
Considering there is not much space on the counter food processor, Vitamix and other goodies are out of the question.
Maybe a hand mixer? Any other small appliance?

Thanks so much in advance!

I don’t think I’d “fully equip” it. Just have what you have. Under amenities limitations you can put no blender, no toaster, no cast iron dutch oven, no egg poacher, no…

Don’t worry about the mention in the review that just gives the next guest a heads up.

Also I have microwave, kettle and refrigerator. I don’t tick the kitchen box. I’ll supply a bowl or spoon if they ask but I don’t keep them in the room.

I would consider adding the toaster, only because toast is a very convenient breakfast when you’re travelling!

I’d skip the blender though. I don’t know many people who’d have a use for it!


Don’t try to cater too much to anticipate guest demands. Just list what you have and/or feel comfortable providing.

A toaster is pretty much a have to. Blender is so so… I got a cheap one, as it was just a suggestion from a guest that I took.

I used to have a full kitchen and removed the stove in favor of a kitchenette. Peace of mind as well, because in actuality I really did not want them cooking. Some were idiots, total idiots, and did not seem to understand the use of an open flame. Don’t need that worry, plus the stove would run out of gas at the worst times always and I would have to connect a new tank. (all gas in Hawaii is propane.) DONE and so much happier!

So I just got a sturdy microwave cart with two shelves… I have micro plus toaster plus blender in the cart. In the cabinet drawers i have a variety of basic cookware. I have basic BBQ tools, as they can also use the grille.

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Those visiting Hawaii to make tropical fruit smoothies and pina coladas or margaritas DO appreciate it!

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I agree that a toaster and blender are good additions. You don’t need a Vitamix or food processor since you have a blender. Provide a whisk if they want to whip something rather than a hand mixer.

I AM a gourmet chef, and I could certainly work some culinary magic with what you’re providing. I might suggest adding a few basic spices – Kosher salt (but not onion salt or garlic salt), black pepper, smoked paprika, an Italian Spice blend, and depending on where you are, a couple of “regional” spice blends – Mexican, Caribbean, Greek, Old Bay, Cajun, Moroccan, etc. Cinnamon and allspice and ginger.


I offer a full condo rental so full kitchen. However the items the guests seem to want/use the most are: microwave, toaster, keurig brewer & blender.

I offer a “full” kitchen, as well, in the whole house rental of my weekend home, but I get a LOT of coffee purists from Brooklyn, so I offer multiple ways to make coffee. Drip, french press, stovetop perc and Chemex. Plus a coffee grinder - both electric and manual. I offer low end coffee - just Folgers - since most bring their own or buy special blends. I do not offer Keurig or any single serving coffee machine.

I also do not offer a dishwasher, but it fits with the vibe of a vintage mountain cottage.

I also let guests use whatever staples are my cupboards. @KenH, thank you for that recommended list of spices.

@Siladhiel - Since you have a compact kitchen area with no additional counter space and are limiting future guests to less than 4 (?) nights, I would say that the only additional amenity should be a toaster. As you said, even it will have to be put it in a cupboard due to the lack of counter space.

I keep my toaster in a cupboard because I don’t like “things” on the counter (just visual clutter). I only have the coffee maker and a small microwave oven on the counter and the soap dispenser by the sink ~ everything else is hidden away. I have a full kitchen in the rental, which includes a dishwasher, but it is clutter-free.

Guests use the blender for fruit smoothies but if your guests are staying for only 1-3 nights, I wouldn’t provide it. It’s a bugger to clean and the chances of them dropping it while taking it down from the cabinet are likely. My guests stay on average 7-8 nights so I provide everything from a George Foreman grill to crockpot…and beyond.

Thanks everybody - excellent and much appreciated suggestions. Toasted and blender are on the way - I ordered a cheapo blender on Amazon, hopefully it will last. I am also going to put the Margaritaville blender in the apartment, I never use it so maybe the guests can enjoy it (if it breaks so be it).
I also have a rice cooker and a hot plate that i did not see anyone use (maybe people did not see it in a corner cabinet.
I do have a spice rack carousel, salt and pepper, oil and vinegar and sugar, flour, coffee, tea - that’s all I am offering.
Thanks again everybody!

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I don’t have a “proper” kitchen just made one with a fridge and some bench tops + toaster, kettle, microwave, 2 burner hot plate, electric frying pan, bench top oven, rice cooker and Nespresso machine. Also BBQ outside. I describe it as a “kitchenette” in the listing and have a photo of it so people can see what they are getting. I include a list of everything in it (also pots, pans, crockery etc, spices) and point out that it doesn’t have a full cooker/oven. No one in a couple of hundred guests has ever complained and I’ve had full on foodies stay. I think if you are honest with people up front they can’t complain. And yes I’d get a toaster but not sure about the blender.


I Love your fridge …and the pup :slight_smile: I am in the process of building an airbnb suite . I am not permitted by my muni to have a stove …so I will just have a kitchenette , it will have a small fridge , sink , toaster blender , microwave , corkscrew , cutlery , A couple of knives , dishes , one hot plate , one pot , one frying pan . I don’t even want to supply the frying pan ( I am thinking of bacon grease everywhere ) Debating a bbq …I guess much like you .


This is such a cute kitchen, love it :slight_smile:

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Kitchenette! Whatever that means it covers a multitude of sins.

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Haha, ok, kitchenette :slight_smile: I stand corrected. Still cute though :wink:

I bought some stainless steel splashbacks and attached them over the top of some fire proof cement board which I glued and screwed onto the plaster board wall behind the electric hot plates. This satisfies my council fire regulations (I also have a small fire extinguisher and an extractor fan that goes on with the light I put in after this photo was taken)). This also means they catch any grease from the frying pan or splash from the pots and easy to clean. I also have a “benchtop oven” which is an oven/grill I keep under the benchtop. It has two trays and lots of preset programs and great for pizzas and cakes as well as a small roast. As I have a limit of 4 people staying and usually just 2 these are plenty.

I just found something that some hosts setting up the small kitchen may find useful - there are slim line microwaves only 10" tall that fit in a space a simple range hood would. I did not know these existed so I bought a countertop microwave. When that one dies, I’ll probably go with a slim-line to reclaim counter space (just replace the existing hood).

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So cute!!! So cozy! The dog is adorable!!!

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Thanks. Yes she is lovely. Though I changed the photo because I read somewhere you shouldn’t have photos with your pets in them. I’m sure the new ABB Plus rules out any signs that a living human being + companion animals live on the premises. As for the space I like to describe it as “bijou”. The ABB listing is here.


I bought a mini electric oven from Lidl, this doubles a toaster as well. I find that most guests prefer to use this over the large oven.

I wouldn’t bother with a blender.