What bed sizes are best

I have a two bedroom condo I’m renting out that room number one is a king size bed. Four bedroom number two should I put a queen bed or two twin beds?

I think your safest bet is the queen bed

  • better reception from 2 sets of couples staying
  • better reception from 2 individuals staying
  • better reception from 1 couple and 1 single

If you think the majority of your guests will be a couple and 2 kids, or 4 singles, then maybe the twin beds.

If you go that route and have room, consider 2 full beds, even if one side of each bed is up against respective walls (with night stand between them)

Me? -> I’d feel very uncomfortable sleeping in a twin bed.

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What you want in that room is two bunk beds (equivalent to 4 twin beds). Just kidding. I see that fairly often and just shake my head.

Assuming your max guests is 4, you can put some type of sofa bed in the living area to better serve reservations of a couple + 2 kids or a couple + 2 singles, but extra beds can also encourage guests to sneak in extra guests.

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You could have the best of both worlds with a zip and link bed, means having a bigger stock of bedding though.
Zip and link bed


If you can fit a queen and a twin, do both. That’s the set up I have in two of the bedrooms and it has worked well for couples and for couples traveling with children.


I have a two bedroom apartment with a king bed in each room. I prefer not to have children at our rental and I find the kings draw in 2 couples for my bookings. Also, with 2 kings I don’t have to stock different size sheets and remember which are the correct size for the bed. I have repeated reviews stating how happy the guests were that each couple gets a king bed.


I wish my second bedroom had room for a king. I’ve received unhappy comments that a 2nd king not offered. I just don’t have the space. I do offer a Queen sofa sleeper too. My maximum #guests is 4.

After 3 years of summers with a max of 6 which means regularly dealing with guests bringing 8. They beat the condo to death. Repairs weren’t awful but mostly related to heavy traffic.

I’ve put the max to 4 this summer and have stayed booked.


Really depends what kind of travelers come to your area. We have 2 sets of bunk beds and a trundle - we end up with mostly friend groups.

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My guests also prefer the king bed. I offer a daybed (twin bed) in a second room set up as a den or as a bedroom with a twin bed. I used to have two twin beds in that room that could be set up but found that having 2 couples causes more trash, parties, loud noises, etc. So now I have it set up where it’s usually 3 people, a couple and a friend, child, parent, etc. Much better mix for my space.

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I have one room with one queen bed, and one bedroom with two twin beds. I find they get booked fairly equally.

While single travellers and couples usually prefer the queen room, they’re often happy to make do with the twin room if that’s the only option available. If I have friends or two family members staying, they prefer the room with the twin beds, and are reluctant to book the queen room unless they have no choice.

I find that the idea of sharing a twin room with you partner is easier to accept than sharing a queen bed with your brother, father, sister, friend, etc.!

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I have bunk beds in the second room but they are King Singles as they are called which means a normal sized adult can comfortably fit on one or even two small adults. Mine come from IKEA.

If you have the space, I would go for 2 king size.

You get one that splits easily into 2 twin beds. We have that option, but it is rarely requested. In the end it is more of a complication with different sheet sizes.

In my property I put a queen in 1bedroom, and 2 twins in the other. Works out well for us.