What are the best ways to get rid of smoke smell inside the room?

So the guest did smoke in the room. Most of time they were smoking lying down on the bed and ashing their cigarettes in my wall. This was going on for about 3 days…

Well, the best way that I know of, are those ozone machines. We used them at the hotels I’ve worked at. This is the most inexpensive one I’ve found, that I’ve had on my wishlist for unfortunate occasions like yours

Hotel style ozone machine for smoke removal

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Repaint. Take bed outside to air, maybe replace. What a disgusting guest.


Ozium spray, though it sounds like your situation may require more than that.

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put some raw onions cut in half in the room. it absords smells and shake baking soda onto floors.
remove matress and air outside in sun.

and put in a naturally scented air freshener.

does room have a window?

also did you leave them a bad review, that is disgusting!

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@Rapunzel Thank you i actually got a smaller version of machine - unfortunately it wasn’t very helpful i guess there is some ratio room size /machine capacity. How long did you need to leave it on in the hotel? if you can describe more your experience

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@Jess1 i asked airbnb to compensate the price for repainting - not sure if they accept - they have been unreasonable stingy lately.
I possibly cant imagine how this guest will stay in the hotel - in hotel if you brake something you got charged *5 times of the price

@yecatsr Thank you - they dont sell it around here, i will need to look for an analog.

@Cocoanouk thanks - never knew about onions before, will give it a go. Do you have an example of a naturally scented air freshener? - i just not sure whats that

About review: i did request money from the guest - they didnt respond to it but they left a review for me. As i dont expect anything nice from them i dont want to write anything back until the last minute. I tried to think about what i would like to write but i am afraid airbnb will block it not to insult guest too much.

Keep it clean and clear, business like and no emotions. Do not mention any claim you are making.

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I hope you can find something. This spray works miracles and dissipates immediately. Great stuff.

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Ammonia is the great smell neutralizer…large bowls left under bed and in room is a miracle…close door and leave overnight. Ammonia is a gas dissolved in water…will evaporate and enter every nook and cranny.
It works. And is cheap.

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Arson is likely the only way to get rid of the disgusting smell left by your disgusting guest! Of course it will still smell like smoke just not cigarette smoke which is foul. That and a good ass kicking for the offender. F’ing people.


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Horrific. Have you made a resolution claim?

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Such a disrespectful use of your space. Sorry you’ve been treated thisv way by a guest.

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@konacoconutz sure, just dont expect much from airbnb, they are unreasonable stingy these days

@AJmartin1 thank you for useful advice

definitely say something and leave it at the last minute!
im guessing you allow smoking? do you provide ashtrays?

i would say something like 'disappointed that this guest used my floor and wall as their ashtray when ashtrays are clearly provided"

or leave out the second part if you don’t have ashtrays!

by natural air freshener, I mean a candle or reed diffuser made from natural ingredients, there are lots of brands. strong flowers like lillys also get rid of smells! :slight_smile:

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@Cocoanouk i dont allow smoking, there is arranged smoking area in front of the house. Thanks for the lillys tips!

Hi Ivan,

I’m so sorry that happened :frowning: When we used them in the rooms, the rules were: no one was allowed to be in the rooms while the ozone machines were running. Something about them being unsafe around living things. We ran them for 24 hours and after that it was good. I think there are different levels of power in the machines. That particular one I linked is pretty low power. The ones we had at the hotel were really pricey, supposidely $2,000 (I’m really vague on this) maybe $1,500 units? Also this was many years ago. But I’m going to guess they still use them, they worked really well. Also, of course we changed out the linens… we did not shampoo the rugs or wash the drapes, though. Machine did the trick.

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