What amenity options would you like to see?

I was looking through the new amenities we can check off and noticed that one of them is “trash can”. Does anyone not have a trash can? Is this something that any guest is likely to filter for when they are searching?

Personally, I wish for “fenced yard”. This is something I prefer when traveling with my dogs, but I often have to guess (or ask) if a listing has a fenced yard because many do not specify. I would love to filter with this option.

What amenity options would you wish for if Airbnb asked you?


I wish for this too! Especially since I offer a fenced-yard :wink: and people to inquire about it fairly often (even though there are photos and it’s noted). This would be an awesome addition. Much better than breadmaker!

I wondered this too but maybe there are more rustic listings or something? I couldn’t figure it out. Seemed like waste of space on the screen.

Fire pit (I would use it as a guest but also could list mine).


Maybe filter is a better word than amenity:

Pets present in the home.

host has only one listing


Oh yeah, I can’t wait for the thread to go off on a tangent about the danger of fire pits…it’s been awhile. LOL.


Well, I guess that they are at least a little more dangerous than bar soap :grin:

They can be dangerous in some places, places like that have laws against them or periodic burn bans. I would challenge anyone to try and set something on fire in my city right now - bring your boots, there’s a lot of snow to trod through. lol.

Completely off topic: a certain stubborn older gentleman that I know once told me he has an aversion to bar soap due to an old saying about dropping the soap in the shower. I used to think it was some kind of homophobic snark but I wonder if he had a bad experience, perhaps at the military high school he attended in the 60’s.

A member here about three years ago posted the outdoor cam video of the fire pit on her northern GA property burning out of control after the guest went to bed. The motion sensor going off woke her up. The guest didn’t respond to message and she had to call the fire department. If she hadn’t seen it on the camera it could have been very bad indeed.

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Here’s the very interesting thread.

Sorry @georgiahost, I’m guilty for taking the thread off topic.

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I have one at each of my houses. Since I’m in San Antonio they don’t get used too much until this time of year.


No cameras needed here. I wouldn’t provide a fire pit if I didn’t live onsite. There’s actually never been a time that guests used the fire pit that I wasn’t invited to join them. It’s been a great way to get to know some of our guests. More often than not, people just tend to sit around the fire pit without even having a fire - it’s just a natural instinct to sit there.

I have a fire pit and a propane fire table outside and a wood burning fireplace inside. I love fire. But for a variety of reasons (some environmental) I don’t use them much. It’s not an amenity I’d ever provide for guests though. We pick our battles and we all have different risk tolerances. I used to ride a motorcycle without a helmet but since knowing 2 people well who had home fires I’ve become odd about fire safety.

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I have one in each place also and plenty of fire extinguishers on the walls easily accessible, but also used very rarely.

I don’t even provide a grill. :laughing:

I love fireplaces, but if I had one in my listing I think I would wall it up. No amount of signs or rules would keep guests from burning stuff in it.

That’s harsh. We have 3 different charcoal grills. They rarely get used though. Would you feel better about an electric grill? We had a pretty nice one for our terrace when we lived in NYC.

I also know someone (an insurance agent!!!) who caught his house on fire grilling under the patio cover. It didn’t burn the whole house down but there was significant damage.

Well, presumably he had insurance! I don’t worry about anything that is covered under insurance. That’s what we pay the big bucks for :wink:

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Do I have to be Cinderella before I can go home?

I’m happy to put things back where they belong and tidy, but I’m not vacuuming, doing laundry, cleaning toilets, or re-making beds on my vacation.

It’s already a checkbox “Cleaning before checkout” under the Logistics section of amenities. I’d love to have this filter when searching as a guest.

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I thought they had that, or maybe you can see it but can’t filter for it?

I actually have a couple burn barrels and use them to burn leaves and branches that fall. After Hurricane Matthew my majestic oak in the corner of my property (that I had been clearing out to for years, fell over with its roots exposed. Over time I have gotten it down to just its main huge trunk with two branches in an apex holding it up at a little bit of an angle. Kids and dogs and cats love to play on it.

So one couple was there for a month (became pretty good friends and they have even had me over to their house for dinner and games before) asked if they could burn branches and stuff to which I agreed (we had already visited over the burning barrel when they arrived as I had done some clean up before they arrived and they had so much fun! They asked to chainsaw the logs i still had at that point but i declined for safety reasons.

I had a group of girls that came for NYE one time ask to burn in the barrel for smores and I allowed them to (told them yes since they graciously asked first) but they never actually did.

my most recent guest asked several times about the fireplace and asked for special arrangements in order to use it and I went through quite a bit to ensure it was ready, accessible and they never even used it afterall!

That happens a lot with the fire pit! They say they are hoping to use the fire pit so we make sure we keep some wood inside so it’s dry for them (that’s how hard it would be to cause a fire with our fire pit ,), I collect kindling sticks, etc, etc and then they don’t even use it. Oh well. I still get “credit” for it!

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