Well this is a first. Guest cancels on check-in on holiday weekend

I’ve NEVER had a guest walk out on the place at check-in! I guess it was bound to happen…just took 5 years.

They described it as inaccurate (5.0 accuracy rating), run-down (5.0 overall), with a severe lack of security (Implied the door to my space is a security risk. As if I rob my guests?), with no locks (uh. we have locks.), the beds are too small (how do I shrink standard size beds?), that it’s small (fully disclosed…read the reviews…it’s small), and…get this…they want a full refund. On a holiday weekend. :rofl:

I refused the refund request and I laid my case before the case workers at Airbnb. We’ll see how it shakes out.

In the refund request she said they don’t plan on leaving a bad review or causing any further problems if they’re refunded. :star_struck::speak_no_evil::pray:
(gee, thanks for violating the extortion policy. and she’s an attorney)

If Airbnb doesn’t back me on this I’m out.


Nah, you got this. 20


Sorry Allison. What a PITA to have to go through. Hopefully this is a slam dunk case in your favor.

It would be interesting to know the real reason for them leaving. What’s up with her bed comment? Are they full size beds and she didn’t read it in the description or something? And she was trying to squeeze two people each in full size beds, and now can’t?

That’s review extortion. Ask for a case manager for the review concern, there’s a special department, and send them a screen shot of that place where she says that part. I just went through a similar thing and the review was tagged and deleted as soon as it was written. No one ever got to see it.


This seems to be a fairly common scam. I doubt they left for any reason to do with @Allison_H 's listing. It’s more likely they got a cheaper place or friends invited them to stay at their place or something.


Yep. Got invited to another place or went in with some more friends on a bigger place…

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Something in the air. Did you meet this woman in person?

Yep in the air for sure. I have a SuperHost that booked and sent me this this morning:

We are just about to get on the road shortly. A couple of things before I forget.
Can we get a late check out of 4 pm on Monday if not booked?
My husband is a veteran and I see you do give discounts.
Can we have a discount?
When we booked we thought it would be a little closer to San Antonio.
Where is the nearest grocery store?
Happy Friday!

Then we called her about a leak that’s all fixed now and she tells us she thinks she booked the wrong weekend and wants us to cancel for her and we said No. She said she’d call AirBnB and get it straightened out, but they won’t be coming. After 4 hours she finally messaged she’ll be coming after all, that dang Strict Cancellation Policy I’m sure.

Clearly she wasn’t happy with us being 25-30 minutes to downtown San Antonio. She must not have read any of the listing on distance or that military discount is only for active military. We do a lot of same day bookings until late at night, so we need the house ready by 4 PM or I have to block the night she is not paying for. Going to be a long 3 days. At least the guests in my other 2 houses are great.


She sounds like the type that is used to special treatment. If it’s not because she’s a fellow host or because her husband is a veteran it would be something else.

Hopefully she will be so wowed by your awesome Airbnb that it will be okay.


Lucky to be in the situation so less often. Airbnb should help you.

Based on my experience “something else” is answered by OP


LOL. I have attorney friends and in my experiences they never, ever, ever, for any reason admit fault, guilt, liability or mistakes. No surprise. Everything is always someone else’s fault.


It’s a Queen in one room and two twins in the other, for 4 people. Seems reasonable, right? If you look at the floorplan it’s pretty clear the beds take up most of the rooms.

She had two tall college aged boys; perhaps they were expecting twin XL?

Whatever the deal, Airbnb backed me up on not refunding her.

I was told she can still review, but if it’s bad they’ll take it down. (Apparently they’re going to give her a stiff talking to about extortion.)

I just got the review notification. Should I review now, wait until she does, or wait until the last minute?


Conventional wisdom is wait at least until she does. It’s not like they are on a road trip and you need to warn other hosts ASAP, right?




When I here these stories I always think…would you have her back if she decides she can’t loose all these money?.
I had few occasions when guests cancelled
On check ins . May be 3-4 times within years .
One group just didn’t like my older house .I told them right away that unfortunately they will not get their money back. They booked far ahead of time . The only thing they didn’t like is smell . They said it smell humid. I have dehumidifier running practically non stop and it doesn’t smell humid to the rest couple hundred who stayed there before them .
Smell they
can’t make a picture of so Airbnb will not take it as a reason. They left anyway only to come back 4 hours later. When they walked in again they admitted that there is not that much smell and they are not sure what smelled before . They stayed for one week…not one complain.
Then I had a booking 2 years ago from a group .who cancelled when they arrived : not enough parking , bedrooms are too small and overall they expected something " nicer".
They booked last minute and I agreed of keeping one day pay of 200$…and let them find something better .
2 days had a call to take them back…they stayed 5 months .


I’d wait till she does or last minute. Only to save yourself the agony of possibly needing to call a CS rep. to get a crazy review removed.


Couldn’t bring myself to like the first post in this thread (because it there’s nothing to like about the ordeal), but I love this one!


IKR? What is it with people? I recently had a guest leave a review that said:

About queen size??? Duh! They are queens. I could understand the comment if the guest were from a foreign country where the standard bed sizes are slightly different—but this was an American, staying in an American home.

I followed up with him, asking what wasn’t comfortable about the beds (too firm? Too soft? Something else?) but he never answered. He only the second person, in probably close to 100 guests, who said the bed wasn’t comfortable. Other people have commented on how comfortable they are.

oh gawd, I know people like that, in the legal trade. And they have to win every conversation, which they turn into a debate