Well I hope the neighbors didn’t see that!

Was checking the Ring to make sure the guests who arrived yesterday evening had the correct number of people and I saw the man walk outside wearing nothing but his tighty whiteys at 2AM.

I’m hoping he was just going to the car to get something.

It’s a suburban neighborhood with other houses in every direction.

Yes, it’s very hot but we do have AC


Wow, he was probably drunk.

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I would have said something to that guest about public decency. You don’t want your neighbors to get upset.


My neighbor wears his boxers when he steps out to smoke every morning.


I guess it would depend on how attractive he is? :slight_smile:


My lovely older German guests that stayed a couple of years ago would come back from the beach, shower outside, and she would put on her little sheer wrap bathrobe. Then she would walk around the block for her hair to dry…leaving nothing to the imagination. He would walk with her.

Well it shouldn’t. Sorry to not be any fun…

I have no problem with men in boxers or tighty whiteys. I don’t want men peeing in the bushes or streets outside but outside in any state of undress as long as Mr. Happy isn’t visible doesn’t bother me in the least.

I went to a Rendevous years ago (1982ish?) where people dress in pre-1840 costume, shoot blackpowder muzzleloaders, etc. There was a man there with a mohawk, and breechcloth with butt cheeks showing. I was told he’s was a PA state trooper who wore the same garb each year. No one seemed offended and there were children all around.

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You saved the clip, right? That’s a keeper!


Sadly, in the US nudity is seen as somehow ‘bad’, especially with the older crowd. We have a long ways to go to catch up with the rest of the world…


I agree 100%. They were a delightful and entertaining couple and I have been offered a place to stay free of charge for as long as I wish if I get over their way.

Absolutely. I used to have a neighbour who use to take the trash out when he was completely naked. And it wasn’t a sight anyone would want to see…

True and I’ve never understood it. Here in the USA I once saw on TV a very grisly medical operation with blood, gore and guts all over the place - and the patient’s nipples were blurred out :rofl:

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I saw a naked hiker pop out the door to get something out of his pack, he was crouched as not to be seen by the street but apparently unaware of the cameras.


It always strikes me as odd that what is acceptable at a beachside shopping strip - men in speedos and women in bikinis would cause the police to be called at a suburban shopping mall a couple of miles inland. You can probably get away with wearing swimwear on your front lawn on a hot day but not underwear at night which is just creepy. Some people who don’t own swimwear wear their underwear under the hose in a park on a hot day and people lose their minds.


I have game cameras, disclosed in the listing mounted in plain view on 2 oak trees in our yard. I have captured guests relieving themselves on the cams right in front of both trees. No neighbors to worry about complaining, that is the appeal of the place. I just laugh that they feel so relaxed there lol. And thank goodness that they weren’t any closer to the cam hahah.

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I have always found it backward that we gasp at nudity and sex yet allow and even encourage violent games, movies, etc. Then people wonder why our children are so screwed up.


My neighbour does his yard work in the buff on hot days.
But I looked it up, and it is not a category in “Details guests must know about…”
I already have the dangerous animals (owls, coyotes, bees), noise (tractor might go by), amenity limitations (it’s camping), and stairs (it’s a treehouse) ticked.
Glad I don’t have to warn them about Alf, too.