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Hi Tom,

We are air bnb hosts with a property in Hobart Tasmania, but we also have a business,bnblinen.com.au, supplying hired linen and consumables to air bnb property managers and hosts in Sydney.

What are your rules about promoting the business on the forum?

We are of course interested and looking to contribute as hosts to the forum too.



Tom is out of the office at this time. Let me take the liberty to answer your question.

Generally speaking, our members don’t like people spamming the threads. It is particularly tedious to have a new member with no known history doing so. In fact, the forum has automatic settings to help prevent new members from spamming the forum. Although you say your are looking to contribute as hosts you haven’t done so yet, aside from suggesting that people hire a company such as yours.


I am brand new to this and to Airbnb. My first guest was an international guest who arrived one day early. How do I charge for the extra day?


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1st month as Airbnb Host, after 6 yrs w VRBO. 1st Post here. Looking for the 101 Host Tips & 101 tips for online booking system.

The Robot says I can ask private Qs, but I see no button for that.



Thank you Tom for allowing me to become involved in this forum.

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