Washing duvet covers between every guest?

I wash the bed sheets ( bottom sheet, top sheet )and pillow cases in between every guest, but not the duvet covers, which I only wash occasionally and when needed.

I tell my self that I wouldn’t wash blankets in between every guest either.

What do people on this forum do insomuch as washing duvet covers is concerned when used with full bed sheet ensembles?



I wash fitted sheets, duvet cover and pillowcases for every guest, even one nighters. I have 3 sets of everything that I rotate. But I only rotate 2 sets, the third is a backup that I haven’t opened yet. :slight_smile:


We wash the top sheets, bottom sheets, pillow cases, pillow protectors and blankets between every guest. We don’t have duvets with duvet covers because we think it’s a pain to stuff the duvet in the duvet cover.


I hardly ever wash my own duvet cover, and I assumed that it would be the same for my AirBNB.

Oh no! Half the visitors don’t sleep between the top and bottom sheet. The others I can’t be sure that they didn’t take a nap on top of the duvet with their shoes on. I have been shocked by just how many hairs I find on the underside of the duvet cover. So back to the store to buy a second duvet cover for each bed so I can make the beds completely between each visitor without having the washing machine rush.


I wash the duvet cover, fitted sheet, top sheet, and pillow cases for every guest. It all fits into one load. I wash the mattress pad every few guests or whenever I see a stain on the fitted sheet.


I do the smell test. Some people really smell, and their odor just hangs in the air no matter what I do it still lingers and permeates everything. For these people I rip everything down and wash it. The stinkies are always Americans. It’s our diet I think.

I actually wash just about everything, mattress pad, sheets, etc., except for maybe the cotton blanket on top if it passes the smell test and if they obviously didn’t touch it.


I wash pillow cases, sheets, duvet cover between guests for sure, smell test for pillows and duvet (it they don’t smell neutral they go in too) You should’ve seen my mountain on Monday. I have a laundry chute and the laundry mountain was to my neck.

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I don’t wash my duvet cover every time. I lint roller it every time and I run it on the steam feature of my dryer periodically and I wash it when I feel it needs it. If I had a simple thin duvet cover I might wash it each time but what I have is a heavier, bright colored cover that I don’t want to fade too quickly. I have a top sheet but as others have posted, who knows what happens on any of them. I’ve seen guests carrying in what looked to be their own linens from the car and the bed looked untouched but I still wash the sheets each time They could be having sex on the carpet but I don’t have it professionally cleaned after every guest.


Ok, that’s more in line with what I do, lint roller included.


I think that’s part of the difference, my duvet is the IKEA special. For $15.00 I couldn’t give a crap if it gets worn out.


Looks like I’ll have to run out and buy two more duvet covers based on what I am reading here…


I have this gain vacuum powder, it’s a miracle worker for those people who leave a musty smell. And the scent is pretty much gone once I vacuum.


wow, y’all are really grossing me out.

Maybe me, and everyone I’ve ever slept with, are doing this wrong, but in my experience there is always going to be some skin-duvet cover contact, so the duvet cover should ABSOLUTELY be washed between guests, even if you’re doing that weird American thing of throwing in an (entirely unnecessary) upper sheet in the mix.


Do you put a flat sheet under the duvet cover? I am trying to remember how it is done in hotels. I think the ones that have he duvet cover, don’t put a sheet underneath, so makes sense to wash them. On the other hand, in most hotels all we have is a blanket, which I am sure is not washed after every guest. In this sense, a duvet cover (with a flat sheet) that is washed occasionally is an upgrade :slight_smile:


Why do Brits think everything Americans do is an excuse to insult us? Most of the U.S. is warmer than England. It’s nice to sleep just under a sheet when it’s warm. Also, I dislike stuffing the blanket in to a cover.


Ha ha ha ha! I use the top sheet because I don’t want my sheets to wear out unevenly. It’s not for them, or anyone else for that matter just my piece of mind.

This isn’t a UK vs US thing, it’s a Europe vs US thing - there are plenty of places in Europe where you’re sleeping under a sheet for a few months a year, but then a folded blanket is usually provided, and - i would hope - it’s also washed between guests if used.


Washing a wool blanket is neither necessary nor practical. And I have to say, I too find it a little grating when the Europeans seize upon every opportunity to criticize American norms.

There is a top sheet and a bottom sheet for a reason. Sleep between them. Do not roll your body and all its many oozing fluids around on the comforter or duvet. King sized comforters do not fit into regular washing machines and king sized duvets are a royal pain in the ass to stuff into a duvet cover every day. I expect my guests to exercise some manners and some common sense.

Our duvet covers are white, or close enough to it that I can tell when someone has decided to go Full Euro on me, and frankly, I find it quite revolting. If you feel the need to play naked horsey on something, or wipe your nose, or dry your sweaty pits on something, use one of your tee shirts.The bed is not a place for exuding every bodily fluid you can excrete in the name of relaxation - we have a bathroom for that.


I would never use that stuff. It’s highly toxic. Why? It’s nothing but chemicals. One of my house rules is that I try to keep the house scent free, so I ask that guests not use perfumes or lotions, which are nothing more than a toxic mix of chemicals.


And we, too, find it beyond grating when Americans present things that are perfectly normal to us - from changing duvet covers to providing universal healthcare - as somehow too difficult to achieve.