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Wall art decisions? Please show me what you got! Extremely forgettable or avant garde?


We just collect and display things we love. If guests love them too then great. If not, then they are only here for a few days so have to tolerate our taste :joy::joy:


Here is South Florida down to the Keys we’re big fans of Jimmy Buffet and Margaritaville. The Keys and Key West is known for its flamboyant use of tropical colors, so the décor and color is easy to come by.

Friends of mine are Florida-born singer/songwriters who write what we call “keybilly” music because there are no hills…


Mostly northern Ontario landscapes and birds. Again, mostly signed lithos.


Check out art.com for special sales. Currently all items are 50% off they’ve got everything


Framing can be expensive. I found an alternative lightweight plastic that can be in custom sizes on Amazon. It looks really good. I like the lightweight because it is easy to hang.


Thanks everyone! You all have some good taste!

I like to frame and crafty up my own stuff and can never see buying it unless its direct from artist or a representative gallery and if it is, I probably cant afford it! :wink:

I am going to play around with stuff I have and then will post!


I put up Japanese wood block prints which cost about $500 including framing. Not the geisha or warrior ones but landscapes and houses. Because I overlook the sea I have two next to each other, one of fishermen on a stormy sea being tossed about and one of some people in a boat rowing on a calm sea below some cliffs that looks very serene. I had a Japanese guest stay who read the writing and told me the one on the calm sea is actually a famous suicide spot so they were probably searching for a body. Nice.


Hahaha! Love it! $500? I might bolt those down like they do at the Super 8 (with ghastly cheap prints nonetheless!). :grin:


We spend a lot of money on art, and I think it is a worthwhile investment. Guests react very favorably to our collection, and often comment on it in the feedback.

All works purchased from a local artist, so the collection demonstrates a unified feel/theme. It is important (IMO) to avoid the choppy feel of a unplanned arrangement/composition.


Art is actually a place where money was spent! You want to make sure you get some big pieces, like someone mentioned, too many of the little ones might look odd.


I like the idea>Indian Chief themed rooms and those are cool “iconic” type photos, Guthend.

I got an actual ad for Spartan trailers and found some other stuff food 1950’s related place hung over mirror, also see refrigerator collage, made from Cooks magazines cover backs).

I have also droooled over the many many choices at allposters … com. They fit many tastes budgets and sizes


You don’t really need art with all of that spectacular wood veneer/finish! Is that maple, do you know? Was it in good condition when you bought it or did you put work into bringing it to life?


£15 on eBay gets any photo you like put on canvas, these are some, they get rotated round the rooms occasionally. The one on the right looks a bit religious, but it’s actually Cosmo Sarson graffiti in Brighton


The wood inside Gypsy the trailer is birch, with golden shellac finish. It was all there and restored after sanding, re-stain and more ( amber ) shellac. I added a fair amount more wood (trim mostly) but had to buy red oak or pine and special stain etc. Basic re-touch of all and also a fair amount of clamp and glueing on all the cabinet doors. In the Babe trailer I found out it is spalted alder which is almost impossible to procure now. It was used in trailers in 1960-1964 only, and is pretty cool. I shellacked that again too.


Don’t be afraid to be unconventional when choosing your art piece. Doesn’t always have to be a painting. Try a rug, basket or even bamboo.


I went with the straight up truth about some of Chicago’s neighborhoods. About every other guest told me they were hilarious and wanted to know where I got them.


Those are really cool and though I know nothing of Canaryville, I do love Chicago. And I like the cheeky style of these.

More importantly, I am thinking to myself…

“Geezus, Tom Waits is discussing the art on the walls of my STR rental…quick, think of something more interesting than this!”



Hilarious … but good job they’ve already booked before you tell them this!


Life can’t always be about the wrong side of the road and hookers ftom Minneapolis.:rofl:


If I lived in your city, I would hook this up to play upon check-in for every new guest…on a projection screen on the wall!


I have an Alexa on the night stand with a sign by it that says, “play Tom’s welcome to Chicago playlist”. This is the first song.

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