VRBO Trust and Safety Team Just Delisted my Account w/o Explanation

I have guests coming next week and VRBO decided to just cancel me without any warning, or explanation. They are stating that I get to keep my reservations with the upcoming guests, but have disallowed me access to the site, so I am not sure how I can reach out to them?

What? The wonderful “supports the hosts” VRBO has the same policies as Airbnb?

I’m shocked, absolutely shocked.

Obviously I’m being sarcastic. Anyway, sorry this happened to you. Also seems odd that you would be a serious enough problem to delist but you can host the remaining reservations.

I’m not on VRBO and seriously, from the way people post here about other platforms I would guess that no one has experience with that sort of problem. But for Airbnb we often suggest people go to Airbnbhelp on Twitter. I assume VRBO has similar social media accounts you can post on.

Hopefully someone who is a VRBO host will be along to help.


It’s kinda sad that VRBO is adopting the same tactics as Airbnb where they just delist you and refuse to communicate with you. I kind of understand it, because they would literally get endless arguments from every single host that they determine should be delisted because of a policy violation. They don’t have the resources to deal with it and it’s just easier to cut off the host than it is to sort through the mess.

@turnercress , do you really have no idea why they did it? Not even a suspicion of what policy you may have violated?

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First time I’ve heard of something like this happening with Vrbo, but then again we don’t do a lot of business with them and I stopped looking at their support forum a long time ago.

This is why you should always have a record of guests contact details, somewhere other than on the platforms.

Our channel manager saves phone numbers and email addresses, which saves a bit of time.



We can’t say this too much or too often, can we?


I don’t know if VRBO is adopting the same attitude, but a host doesn’t have to have violated any policy on Airbnb to get suspended or delisted- all that has to happen is for some guest to accuse a host of something Airbnb decides to believe.

I agree, but such things should be obvious to the host. I.e. did the host recently evict a guest for rule-breaking, did the host withhold a security deposit, etc.

For some or another reason the host-friendlyness of Airbnb as well as VRBO plummeted the past years. Some years ago I was positively surprised by the customer service. Currently it is just awful. I therefore now signed-up for new P2P hosting startup that is owned by the community, owned by hosts.

Does anyone know how to contact the Trust and Safety Team directly over the phone?

No, because you can’t.