VRBO now actively wooing disgruntled Airbnb hosts

Well, he/she is naked on the bed and does have a rather jaded expression.

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As am I this very moment… I should charge for this!

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Air should just throw more money.

Vacasa is managing our units. They take 35%, but other than that I have no complaints with them, and they provide linens, design consulting, etc. They advertise us on their own site as well as channel partners. After a terrible experience with a guest who booked through Airbnb, we instructed them to use every other platform EXCEPT Airbnb. We may have lost a few bookings, but the peace of mind of not having to deal with Airbnb as a host is worth it. Comments on this forum factored into our decision, thanks.


That’ll be 35% in addition to OTA fees then? Or is that it?


So many abbreviations! OTA means?

Here it means Online Travel Agency like Airbnb, VRBO, etc.

If Vacasa is managing your units why did you have a terrible experience with a guest? Shouldn’t Vacasa have handled everything? Was it severe damage where you had to involve your insurance company? Also, what Airbnb policy made you want to exclude AirBnB?

My neighbor recently changed from Vacasa to a local property management company. She wasn’t unhappy with their services or the guests, she just wasn’t getting many rentals. She did say their fees were a little high but they handled everything. I think there are locations where they are known thus are a market player but not many Vacasa rentals in my area.