VRBO is now slow in sending review link

VRBO recently updated their website and now I don’t receive a link to review the guest on the same day that they leave. It now takes about 2 days after guest leaves before I receive a review link. It used to be only few hours after they check out. Anybody else experienced the same? I want to leave a review right after they leave so there’s a better chance of receiving a review from them.

Is there a VRBO forum you could post on @Slingster

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Have you contacted VRBO to find out if this is a purposeful change, or perhaps an unintended software glitch that happened due to the update?

i’ve got a vrbo guest checking out this morning so I’ll let you know what happens.
I’ve only been with them for a month and tbh wasn’t chasing reviews, as it’s my back up site, so i hadn’t paid attention.

I would if I could. There’s no vrbo forum, unfortunately. Vrbo and Airbnb used to have their own forums but took them down years ago. Probably due to posts that are not too favorable for them. This forum seems like a place to go for rental hosts.

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There are Facebook forums for Vrbo, just no longer a Vrbo-sponsored forum.

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@Slingster so I have an option to “request review”
Screen Shot 2023-03-12 at 2.46.42 pm
I’ve never done that.
but so far there isn’t an option for me to do a review.

What does that even mean, “Request review”? A msg. would be sent to the guest asking them to leave a review? Or the host is requesting to be given the option to leave a review?

no idea, but it looks like it would be super annoying, so I’m not clicking it.

It’s bad enough they send emails to guests requesting payment, but they put my name at the bottom of the message! it’s got nothing to do with me, so weird.

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Airbnb certainly haven’t taken down their forums - they are still highly visible on Twitter, FB and IG and their own dedicated Airbnb Community.

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Yes, that sends a message to the guest asking for a review. I haven’t used it in awhile, but you used to be able to compose a message as part of that instead of the standard “please review us”.

Sorry to pissy about it but it is annoying to see the bandwidth here taken up by all these other str and vacay sites. Because of the way the forum is set up, these discussions remain live and ‘in your face’ and I have no way to delete or silence them - unless there is a way to do that. Otherwise, they show up as unread at the top of the discussion…

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sure you do. click the Tracking button at the bottom.


lol. I hear that place is a ghost town as it’s populated with newbies and some old guards giving boring or bad advice, always in favour of ABB.

last time I look at their insta the comment section was full of complaining guests and hosts, it was hilarious. I don’t bother with Twitter but assume it’s the same, likely worse give the platform. I also don’t bother with FB anymore. On YouTube they have comments turned off and the engagement is abysmal.

Perhaps a Trigger Warning banner?


??? I don’t understand the gist of your complaint. I’m sure there’s many topics and discussions that many of us aren’t particularly interested in. Just skip over them, no? You don’t think hosts should be allowed to ask questions here regarding other sites apart from Airbnb, or what?

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Glad I got the information about ‘tracking’. I wanted to not see things I was not interested in.

I got a review link from VRBO even the guests were still in the room. (before 11am).

that simply stops ‘notifications’. It does not remove them from the que. I would LOVE to not have to see folks asking about other platforms (for example).

Why? Lots of hosts here are listed on other platforms besides Airbnb. I don’t understand why it bothers you. I’m only on Airbnb, but I certainly don’t care when hosts ask about or discuss other OTAs. Last thing I want is for this forum to start dictating what hosts can talk about.