VRBO is now slow in sending review link

So you can understand, I will tell you why it bothers me.

First, all I want is a way to mute or control threads.

Second, selfishly, I only come here for things related to airbnb.

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But plenty, if not most of the things hosts discuss here, aren’t specific to Airbnb, but to hosting in general.

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doesn’t it? if you Mute it, it doesn’t appear… am I wrong? that seems to be what happens.

well, selfishly, I don’t wanna read about guns, drugs and litigation all the time, or your different state regulations that mean nothing to me, but it is what it is in an international forum of STR hosts.

Of course if we keep tagging you, you’ll get a notification… hehe. last time, i promise.


Did you choose “Muted” when you clicked on Tracking? I just experimented and when I chose “Muted” the post was completely gone for me. I actually had to track it down by digging through my browser’s history just to make this post on it.

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maybe he has worked it out, and hence, won’t get these notifications at all.
So, it’s working as intended.

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Thanks, that works.


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hi there - incredibly slow for me too. Makes leaving same-day reviews impossible, I don’t get the chance to rate them until 2-3 days after checkout. It wasn’t like this before, wonder what happened?

I believe there is also a setting for you to mute or ignore certain users whose posts you don’t want to see. I can’t recall right now where it is and no time to look it up but if you poke around you could probably find it. If there is someone who consistently has posts that annoy you you can do that. But you might also miss out on valuable things they might post.