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Vertical blinds or curtains on sliding glass door


Do you think vertical blinds or curtains are better on sliding glass doors?

Why I’m asking: 2 condos with sliding glass doors onto porches.

1 BR condo has NEW as of January custom vertical blinds because it is a large door and the $60 USD sets aren’t available.

2BR condo has 2 sliding glass doors onto the porch. Small so the $60 vertical binds are available at Home Depot. I replaced both sets 18 months ago.

I don’t think renters know how to open & close the vertical blinds. I’ve placed instructions by each door. I’ve already replaced 7 panels because guests either slammed the door on them and punched holes with the lock or ripped the top tabs off. Also because someone tried to pull the blinds to the side without slightly tilting to open, the first panel clip is broken.

I’ve had problems with renters pulling my curtain rods off the wall in the bedroom (very large window). Apparently the idea of pulling a curtain left to right isn’t intuitive. They want to pull down!

Anyway, what is the best window treatment for a large window or sliding glass door?

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In my personal space I have drapes over the sliding glass door. Its easy to clean, easy to replace, easy to change color and decor. I have drapes in my airbnb room too.

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In the house we have both drapes and blinds. In the listing we got rid of the blinds and went with curtains – lots fewer issues…

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When I bought the house that is now my listing, it had vertical blinds over both patio doors. I have since replaced them with curtains, but I did try to live with them for several years. This is what I did: I bought three identical full sets of cheap replacement slats. The two sets were to replace the original slats because the replacements didn’t match. The third set was used to replace broken slats as needed. I made it over 5 years on that extra set for 2 doors. I also later found reinforcement pieces that are made of clear plastic with adhesive that fit around the holes where the slats attach, but they were more expensive that replacing a slat, so I never bought them.

Also, when I switched to curtains, I didn’t like them until I was able to install single panel curtains that were 100 inches wide and 7ft-long curtain rods that didn’t have a center support. I.e. there’s only one panel and it slides all the way across the door.

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I had venetian blinds over my many many windows when I moved in (even some internal “windows”) and have gotten rid of all but one and replaced with drapes in my own bedroom which I prefer and roller sunblinds at the front as there is a bit of a view at sunset. I have electric roller blinds in my front part of the house so in summer I can raise the blinds at sunset without getting off the couch watching tv and stroking my pussy. I kind of like vertical blinds in a 70s recherche way but cleaners hate them.


My house has two sets of glass sliding doors in the living room and all I have is a topper (valance ) to give that area a pop of color. I like the light pouring in. Makes the area nice and bright.

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Loathe vertical blinds with a passion! Horrible things with no saving graces!


I just replace the broken slats.

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I like these more than traditional vertical blinds.


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