Verified Guest ID: Who Exactly is the Elephant in the Guest Room?

I had a look and this topic hasn’t come up for a while, not since Air’s new “Verfied ID” seems to hide an elephant in the guest room. You can no longer require as a condition of booking that guests have a Government ID (passport or visa usually). Now it seems it is up to Air to decide if their identity has been “verified”, with or without government ID. I noticed when I changed my requirement back to “Government ID required” before this a few months back I got no more bookings from a country which is well known for surveilling their citizens at home and abroad. And who “post Covid” were making up the majority of guests. I suspect they are reluctant to use their passport like this for fear they will alert someone and get marked down for having interacted with a foreign organisation. Now since it changed I had one booking from there and it was the sort where the annoying questions start almost immediately, and when told all the information is in the listing they said it was confusing. Not to the other 99% of guests it isn’t. So after the third demand for information I used my “cancel booking without penalty” for the first time.
Anyone found a way to force them to provide Government ID in this brave, new world of “verified IDs” according to Air?

Recent discussion here:

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What happened to this Host from another post minutes ago?

“Not that the host’s wife Mrs Rochester will be pacing around the attic space at 3am, worried the guests might be breaking rules about using too much toothpaste and enjoying themselves.”

[By the way, a pea-sized amount of toothpaste is all you need.]

To your question I would think that your house rules could require a government ID that matches the name of the guest booking the reservation a la @James333 .

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Sorry, I didn’t see that in my search. When you search on “government issued id” you get dozens (maybe hundreds!) of results which are not in chronological order and seem undending as you scroll through them looking for the most recent one which is relevant. Am I missing something?

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I noticed recently that search seems to have changed and not for the better. However, I knew that this issue had just been discussed so I didn’t have to search for it.

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The setting you are referring to is “Require ID” under instant booking.
But I think it is still allowed to put in your house rules that, “Guest must present ID at check in and name must match your airbnb account name.”

ABB just removed many points of friction the guest encountered on their path to booking.
So you just have to take matters into your own hands.

I am seriously considering moving ALL my listings of IB so that I can make sure guests agree to my house rules, send by message after they request, so there is no chance of them not having seen my policies.

I’ve received 2 IB bookings from guests with ZERO reviews and ZERO past stays… So the ABB IB requirements are now basically nothing as far as I’m concerned. I liked how it was before, where brand new ABB users had to RTB. RTB gave a change to hand hold them through the process.