Verification issues


Saturday I had a booking on the same day it stated Verification pending. I rang Airbnb and asked them to cancel the booking as I a guest who wanted to book. They could not cancel the booking so I lost monies for a night as they needed 12 hours to verify. Then today someone else books for tomorrow however this time it is with a guests whom has booked Airbnb with reviews in the past. They have 6 verifications but alas my calendar is blocked again with the same issue. Pending verification. Anyone had this issue

I’d say a few people have had this issue


I have never taken same day bookings, as a way to keep locals from booking, and because I during the season I often have a busy schedule.

Air should just not allow booking without verified payment. They have their booking process bass ackward.


I think I’ve only done it twice in all my Airbnb time. That’s because I would only accept same day, one night bookings if I had a gap. I’m one of those hosts who has never worried about locals though - I’ve had many and they’ve all been great.

Once or twice I’ve had a same day booking when I’ve scheduled that day for maintenance, which is a nuisance.

Normally though, other than filling a gap, I discourage same day bookings.

When a host first lists, it takes at least 24 hours for the listing to go live. Yet a guest can book a place before they have entered all their info and been verified. Back-asswards indeed.

Well the guest concerned rebooked under a new account. It is is odd Airbnb ask for verification from a guest whom has already stayed at Airbnb properties with reviews and has 6 verifications inc Government and selfie ID.