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Vending machines?

Hello fellow hosts

Do any of you have vending machines in your airbnbs? I’m looking at adding one and was more wondering at service costs and reliability ect costs?

Every time someone posts here trying to promote the idea (usually because they are trying to sell something) almost everyone is dismissive of the idea. It’s too hotel-like for most of the hosts here.


If you get primarily business travelers I think I would be a good idea.

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Curious what kind of machine you’re thinking about and whether you’re adding one for profit or for guest convenience. Most traditional snack/beverage machines are owned, stocked, and serviced by a company that gives a percentage of the profits to the property owner. I’ve seen some unique systems in hotel room that look like baskets or shelves and charge guests when they remove a product. I assume they are much cheaper to operate but they wouldn’t be as convenient if they couldn’t integrate with STR platform billing system.

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No and TACKY! 202020


Perfect for my hotel then :wink:

I actually did not think of that. It would be perfect for my place as I do 99percent one nighters coming from long haul flights. Pretty sure convenience will trump walking to the shops around the road. I was going to buy one but they range from $500 - $6500. Gotta sell a lot of mars bars to get that back :joy:

Both. Looking at a drink and snack combo machine.

Are there not vending companies who will install them for free and stock them provided they keep all the profit?

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I might do that for a trial and see what type of stock they go through.

Some people probably think Westfield shopping centers are tacky. Sir Frank Lowy would disagree. I agree though it would not be suitable for many Airbnbs.

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No sure why you say that. 5 star hotels will have a minibar in the room. And $20 canned nuts.


I do but haven’t sold anything from them yet. K-cups of coffee, tea, cocoa. If I don’t sell anything ever then they will just be expensive storage racks. If I do sell anything from them the guest will have appreciated the convenience and I will appreciate the profit. I will say that if given the chance again, knowing what I know now from having them, I would not have spent as much money as I did…


I think that’s a good point. Vending machines in heritage/vintage homes (actual homes that people could live in) like what Debthecat or Catskillsgrrl have would be unimaginable. In a guest room down the hall in a share home, ditto. In an apartment building with lots of Airbnbs that are just like hotels but privately owned, they make some sense.

My room is a lot like a hotel room but I wouldn’t want a vending machine in there. If had room for a vending machine I’d just put a kitchenette.

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Obviously depends what it looks like. But selling items people want / need. When traveling would be an amenity.

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My experience has been that guests react negatively to vending machines and feel that they are getting gouged or something.

Only getting gouged if they pay what they think is a gouging price…it can sit there for free and not gouge them anything.

No I had complaints about “a menu of upcharges was presented to me”. I guess it depends what kind of Airbnb you have but I just have cheap guests who want everything as cheap as possible.

I guess if I had multiple units in the same complex (i.e. quadplex) it might make sense. However if you have a single unit and want to “up sell” beverages, snacks, etc, that you purchase yourself, I’d suggest going the route of a hotel mini bar beverage refrigerator. You can supply it with candy bars, beverages, Liquor mini bottles (if its legal to do so), with a list of costs. Less of an investment and less industrial looking.

I’d also suggest

  1. in order to get the key to that mini bar, that you have them authorize review of costs and agreement that they will be charged for what they have used, and to get that payment vehicle prior to. Could be via PayPal or via ABNB.
  2. As part of the cleaning and transition process, take pictures (dated) before arrival, and the do the same once they’ve left to ensure you can account for what has been used. If you do an in person transition, then show them the stocked center, and/or provide a picture of it upon their self checkin.

Have you had any success with the vending machine you implemented?

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