Vaping guests in non smoking house?

I do not allow it.


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And neither do I, and I think it is presumptive that anyone burns incense or candles, puts in those fragrance plug ins and generally assumes that they can leave any smelly trace behind!

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You have no evidence of me calling you names whatsoever, just as much other ‘evidence’ you quote is sketchy. Please stick to the truth. Some thoughts are best left unshared.

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I was going to allow vaping of tobacco and 4/20 products in my house (smoking of MJ is legal here) but thought better of it. I was not so concerned with health risks or smell as my room has no carpet and has plantation shutters vs. drapes. Linens of course washed regularly…

I was more concerned with the OIL that could permanently ruin bedding. How do you get oil out of feather pillows or any other kind for that matter. And the sheets. And the comforter. People fill their vaping devices with CBD/THC/Tobacco oil that can spill everywhere. No thanks. Outdoor vaping for my place, I don’t need the added spot cleaning and laundry.

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Yes some vape liquids also have food colourings in so these would stain. Best to say no vaping in your rules then you have a layer of protection.

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I am new to Airbnb - my house rules include “No smoking or vaping”. I have a son who vapes and it leaves a sweet sickly smell which can get into furnishings - hence the rule.

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I even have it in my house rules that no incense, candles or air freshener may be used in the suite. (I’m highly allergic.)

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Sorry to be so uninformed, but is “vaping” the same as e-cigarettes? Which term (or both) should I use to prohibit these activities in my home?

Technically the same but an e-cigarette is designed to look like a cigarette. They really are vape pens too. In your rules just say no smoking/vaping/electronic cigarettes then you are covered.

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This was so helpful. I had no e-cigarettes in my no smoking rules, but did not know I needed to specifically say no vaping…I wasn’t aware of vaping pens. I’ve amended my house rules to say no vaping. Thanks! And, OP, I’m so sorry you had such bad guests.

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Anyone who would read a house rule that said no e-cigs and use a vape pen and then try to claim it wasn’t an e-cig is just being a jerk. It’s sad that we have to have rules lists longer and more boring than Moby Dick because there is always someone who thinks it doesn’t apply to them.


There are always sea lawyers…even in civilian life. :slight_smile: I try to head them off at the pass.

There is a distinction because you can vape marijuana or nicotine. You dont use the same device for both (generally).
So vaping is the all encompassing umbrella term.

Its really because there are several things you can vape: THC,.THC and CBD, CBD alone, nicotine, plain old vegetable glycerin with a certain flavoring (dr. pepper even!), or Salvia, or even regular herbs. Vaping is the all encompassing term


Sigh, no it does not. I have vapers stay in my cottage and guest rooms all the time. There is no smell remaining. Except wet towels and aftershave on occasion. You seem to have an inordinate amount of anger towards vaping in general. Weird.


Can we agree that someone has the right to not want vaping in their rental? Can we agree that some people have a stronger and more sensitive sense of smell than others? For example, lots of people love the smell of a US product called Febreze. I really don’t like it, if I were posting about it you might think I have an inordinate amount of anger about Febreze.

Just because you don’t smell anything when people vape doesn’t mean no one does. Even the vaping promoters admit that vaping smells.

I definitely think it’s up to the individual host if they want to ban it, however there have definitely been some furiously anti vaping sentiments expressed. I find the amount of venom shocking. Is it an anti youth thing I don’t know? Anyway there has been a lot of discussion today on the news about vaping on prescription to aid smoking cessation. It’s definitely loads safer and cleaner than smoking.


I don’t have any “inordinate…anger” towards vaping. My concern here is to assist and inform my fellow hosts and exchange ideas. Nothing more. IMO, it’s the pro-vaping posts (for lack of better description) on here that started the ruckus.

I’m very glad that someone brought up the different types of vaping. There are e-cigarettes which have a combination of nicotine and other flavors, but there are also other vaping forms, some that hold finely crushed tobacco and marijuana leaves, and are both incendiary devices and also create real smoke. Those are also considered vaping.

But even e-cigarettes create a discernible smell, that can be nauseating to some, and extremely harmful to others (i.e. people with severe asthma, emphysema, lung cancer, etc.).

The vitriol and backlash that my post on this subject created is almost laughable. I never stated that smoking or vaping are bad or disgusting habits, or even any personal issues with them, outside of my experience with vaping in one of my listings. (I am an ex heavy tobacco smoker myself, and a regular cannabis user, thanks. lol).

I don’t have the olfactory senses of a canine. If I can smell e-cigs, then others may be able to as well. And why do you proclaim to have any freaking idea what goes on in my mind?? The fact is, I couldn’t give two sh**s about vaping in general because I vape myself…but I have big ol’ problem with people telling others that something I am stating [as my own personal experience] is not accurate, and when I backed up my claims with evidence, that I am “obsessed.” In fact, I was just addressing posts on this thread and messages to other hosts who are unfamiliar with vaping, its forms, dangers, and especially: potential liability concerns of hosts on the subject.

I also made it clear that they can (and have), damaged property and may also have many other danger issues. And I only posted those after the whole can of worms was opened with my commiserating with the OP.

This is a hosting forum. People will have differing opinions and that is fine, but the fact that electronic cigarettes smell to some is not an opinion, it is a fact. Also a fact is that the e-cigs can cause notable damage. An opinion is whether or not you think that damage is all that bad, not whether or not other people can smell them, or whether or not the damage occurred.

I’m not a liar; this is my experience. Vaping is a form of smoking, period. It’s not eating or drinking. It’s a form of smoking. It matters not that the damage it can cause is less than that from traditional smoking. It can cause damage, in all of its forms, some or all of which, can be problematic for hosts whose guests vape on their properties. Telling other hosts that both of these facts are not facts, is what is “weird.”

This is not to even get into the potential other real, demonstrated and catalogued dangers of vaping, which I only listed after another vaping proponent stated that vaping is not a form of smoking and it is “unlikely” to smell, completely disregarding the fact that the OP and myself both had damage from guests vaping from discernible odors permeating textiles. I was also accused of having a strong opinion and called names, never once pointing the finger at themselves or their own rudeness in doing so. Calling someone “obsessed,” “sneering,” “arrogant” or “weird” inferring that myself or the OP are lying, or misinformed is absolutely reprehensible and should have no place in this forum.

But as I stated [ad nauseum], I currently couldn’t care less about the subject of vaping, except when it comes to my property and when I’m attempting to impart my personal experience to assist my fellow hosts on the subject.


give me a strawberry smell over a 1970s pub smell, any day


I am locking this thread for now, and will reopen after a while. I deleted a bunch of posts too.