Vacate order for AirBnB host's apartment

Anyone had to deal with an AirBnB host who continued to allow renters entering the apartment even after the city issued a vacate order? The host removed the vacate order from the entrance door so the unsuspecting renters entered the apartment not knowing that they could be arrested. I informed AirBnB of this host’s action, but so far received no reply.

We are a host forum, and not associated with Airbnb. Maybe you should post your complaint on Twitter?

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You’re probably not a host, correct? Just looking for a way to make your neighbor follow the law? You could try calling your state representative - mine is Linda Rosenthal on the UWS and she is all over the Airbnb issue in NYC.

There is also a form on Airbnb to complain about host neighbors:

But I think your elected city officials may be a good place to start.

What’s a vacate order? Is that an eviction?

And on what grounds would a renter be arrested?

Yes. Vacate order is issued by the Construction Division Office (in NYC) when the building, or apartment in this case, deemed dangerous to live in.

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Here is the info on a vacate order:

Call 911 or 311.

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Oh, in Hawaii we call that red tagged!


In that case, it seems to me a call to the Construction Division Office or police dept. would be more in order since it’s a safety issue.

Because it says so on the vacate order. To paraphrase, “… reentry is prohibited … Violators are subject to arrest.” The police, however, will most likely let the renters go since they did not aware of the vacate order (the host took it off the entrance door).


I would call the government agency that issued the vacate order and tell them it’s being removed by the owner so they can rent to Airbnb guests! Abhorrent!!!

Or if you felt like giving the renters a heads up you could. Then let them report the host.

I did tell the renters not to reenter the apartment, but they are foreigners and did not know where to go so late at night. I told them to contact the host to make other arrangement, but apparently he told them to stay in apartment instead. When the police arrived, the renters holed up inside and did not answer the door so the police had no choice but leaving. I understand that the renters had no choice, however, the host’s action could potentially jeopardize people life, or get them arrested.


UGH. I would use the form I shared above to also alert Airbnb to the situation AND tweet at them. Do you have a photo of the Vacate order?

I do, but I am not sure I am allowed to post it since it shows the address on it.

The renters did have a choice. Airbnb tells guests if there is a problem with the listing to let them know within 24 hours of arrival and if it wasn’t as advertised, in this case, not fit for human habitation, then they would have given them a refund and helped them find alternative accommodation.

What’s your interest in this issue by the way?


You don’t need to post it here. You need to contact Airbnb using the link @CatskillsGrrl gave you.

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Contact Air via this link:

AND I would contact them via Twitter. They are more responsive in a public forum, but they might want to see the photo on the vacate order. I mean, they have ACTIVE guests in a condemned building. Be sure to tweet that part. “Hey, @Keith2016, one of your hosts is renting out a condemned building with a VACATE order they keep removing off the door. There are guests in it right now.”

They will likely respond and ask you to contact via DM.


Oh, and if you wanted to really kick it up a notch tell them you are contacting the Daily News or NY Post. :wink:

I live below the host’s apartment and I don’t know exactly the reason for the vacate order, or how it may affect me. I hope it’s not gas-related because one time after a renter left we smelled gas in the hallway. My roommate was able to get in the apartment and turned it off (host was not there).

Thanks for the link. I will send them a note.