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USA hosts and check in procedures


I have a US guest who has “booked herself” into my home for between 5.00 am and 6.00 am today. My policy states 3 to 9 and so did my welcoming email.

I have a guest already booked into the room and she is leaving at 11. 00 am.

In my experience in Ireland, check in starts at 3.00 pm, would hotels/air’s etc allow guests to book in 9 hours before check in USA ?

I explained she should have booked the night before to facilitate her hours and that I have a guest who paid to use my room until 11.00 am. She is on the red eye to Dublin now. I have explained the situation but hopefully she opens her message before heading to me at that hour.


No, a guest would not be able to check-in at 5-6AM! If someone requested that they would be sorely disappointed.


Oh brother. What a dummie. Some Americans should not travel.

Not your problem. The guest might be on her way but your place is not available. And even if it were available, she will need to wait for being so presumptuous,


I don’t understand. How could that happen?


Her reservation starts on the 26th. In her mind the 26th began at midnight. That’s a mistake that an 18 year old who has never booked their own place might make.

I’d be so tempted to cancel under the not comfortable with this guest policy.


She said me a message yesterday to say her check in time is 5.00 am to 6.00 am, she had not previously told me any time. I was out at the swimming competition yesterday so no phones in the pool so only got it late last night.

I just wanted to check if it was a standard service offered to guests in the US. She also asks what public transport to get to my house, at 5.00 am nothing moves in Ireland apart from people turning in their bed .
Thanks for the replies


No. This is not standard in the USA or anywhere else in the world that I know of.


I notice when people book our place at the last minute they can enter when they hope to arrive. I’ve had a couple of guests put times before our 3PM check-in time. In my case they both selected “2-4”. I explained to them that check in wasn’t until 3 and I didn’t have any problems, but I’m guessing you can select any time frame you want, regardless of actual check-in time?


Well there’s your “out” … withhold giving her the information about how to get to your house. … :laughing:
Just kidding, but it should be a reality slap for her to know she won’t be able to get there as early as she wants. You can reinforce it by informing her that regrettably, she will not have entry until the proper time of check-in (and suggest a place where she could have breakfast and cool her heels).


Must be a newbie traveler. Flights from the US arrive to Britain early in the morning…but that doesn’t mean they get to check in just because they arrived early. :laughing:


I am asleep between 5am and 6am.


Found her on google, she is 69 years old age. I have sent her messages so hopefully she opens them before she gets a taxi to my house.


You might need to plug in the kettle for an early morning arrival. Oh does that sound awful.


It’s is not your problem. You don’t have to open your doors to guests who are nine hours early. Period.


Kona is right – just refuse to open the door… if she can even find a way to your door at 5-dark-early!

When we went to Iceland in Sept we booked a day early because the host’s check-in was 3PM but our flight arrived at 6AM. She, like most Icelanders, knows when the flights from America land, and was perfectly happy to meet us a 8 AM, after the hour drive by our hirecar driver between airport and town…

I have seen, as a guest booking, where Air essentially asks you the guest what time you want to check-in. I’ve had guests not ask, but try to tell me they would be here 2-4PM, and I immediately tell them otherwise. I actually had to tell one guest that she could arrive whenever she wanted, but she was not welcome to sit in the yard and wait until the official opening at 4PM.


I’m presuming this must have been a last minute booking, as you have only just seen the book in time she wants.

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that guests don’t read.

I would send her a message with details of left luggage places in the city centre and suggest some places that she could go for breakfast until your place is available.


Her best bet would surely be to stay at the airport, wash and brush-up, breakfast, etc, and then throw herself on your mercy around 11 a.m.!

It’s very odd … do let us know what happens! (or happened now, I suppose …)


We are dealing with this currently, with people arriving on Friday departing Sunday. First, she doesn’t want to pay for ‘3’ days because they are only staying 2 days. I had to explain that they are paying for the nights not the actual days, that kinda worked. Then she informed me they arrive here in Barcelona at 9 and will need to check in immediately. I explained, also in our welcome email, early check in is €150 and we are happy to accommodate.

Yes, I know the fee is high, we don’t like doing early check in because it stresses the cleaners out, laundry can’t get done, etc. So, unless someone is paying we aren’t doing it.


No. Everyone needs time to clean a room no matter hotel, motel, or bnb. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world.


Cassid… what happened, did the silly American lady pound on your door in the dead of morning? :rofl::rofl:

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