Urban Chickens-how to get rid of rooster

There are a few urban chickens and one very loud rooster. I’ve had 2 guest complaints now. I’ve kept them out of my yard, but they hang out on an empty lot across the street.

Any suggestion as to who to call to come get them and take them away?

Where are you?..

New Orleans. Why do you ask?

Most cities have ordinances that prohibit having a rooster if they allow chickens. So I assume these are “wild” vs. belonging to a neighbor. You’d have to look up your local animal control department and give them a call. If they won’t remove the chickens, they might allow you to trap them and take them in to a shelter (or hire someone to do it for you). Or, if there’s no law against it, maybe you can catch them and sell them/give them away as food.

I was going to ask that. I’ve only see wild chickens living in cities in the Hawaiian islands, but I suppose it’s possible anywhere the weather is relatively warm most of the year.

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I’ve seen them in Hawaii, New Orleans and Key West. I’d consider them a part of landscape so to speak and warn guests of the possible noise. I’d also check with local authorities about if they can be dealt with by animal control. But then again I don’t know if she’s even in the US.

Edit to add, I see you are in New Orleans. I’d contact your local authorities.

So that we can provide you with advice. This is an international forum and things will vary depending on your location.

I too would advise you to speak to your city government environmental health - animal warden service or a local animal charity.

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Because if you weren’t in the US I’d have different advice.

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I would put it in the listing description that you are in a unique area and with that comes the sounds of the city and even the occasional sounds of the neighborhood rooster. I would name him, Ricky the Rooster loves to crow and does a great job looking after his hens…



BB gun. They’re fast, though.

You ever had a rooster crowing outside your bedroom? No, just no.

The hours of darkness are your friends…



Sucks being a male in the chicken world! I can hear a rooster from my listings but I am not in the city.

The rooster is just being a rooster.

Free Ricky!



As they say in the country. SSS shoot, shovel and shut up.


Almost certainly illegal in the city.

I agree. I lived on a farm for several years and I got used to it, but I can see someone not used to it being extremely annoyed if it’s close by.

There are chickens and roosters running free all over Mexico. One of the reasons I chose the area where I bought my lot and built my house is that no one in this area keeps chickens or roosters. And Mexican roosters crow all night and all day- they are raised as fighting cocks (technically illegal, but cock-fighting goes on everywhere).

People said I’d get used to roosters, but that never happened. It’s the most horrible sound. And cuts right through earplugs.

I hatched 11 eggs last spring, well 12 RIP Butterscotch :frowning: and 4 turned out to be males. I learned to process chickens this year! YouTube is amazing. I am in an area, while in the mountains still controlled by county rules more meant for suburbia. Only 4 hens allowed and no roosters. I cull the roosters as not to draw attention to my flock which is over the limit.

I have a neighbor who has a roo and it does not bother me, it is closer to my rentals than my house but I can hear it from both places. I hope he/she gets away with it. People should be able to raise food.


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So here’s a funny story. I was at a Mexican upholsterer’s place- he’s a friend of mine who I sometimes buy materials from, and he works where he lives. He had a cage in his yard with a rooster and a chicken in it, so I asked him, “Hey Sammy, so tell me, why does every Mexican need a rooster?”

He answered “Because we want eggs.”
“But Sammy, chickens lay eggs whether there’s rooster or not.”
“No they don’t.”
“Yes, they do.”
“No they don’t.”
“Yes they do- I have lots of friends in Canada who keep chickens for eggs and they don’t have any rooster.”
“Must be a different kind of chicken”, says Sammy.

So I started doing an informal survey, asking the Mexicans I know if they think a rooster is required in order to get eggs. They all said yes.
After pointing out that chickens lay eggs regardless of whether there is a rooster, some countered with “Yes, but they aren’t good eggs. They’ll make you sick.”

Nothing like living in a macho country. If a male’s not involved, things can’t possibly be good :laughing:


I’ve sent some of my chickens to freezer camp, in the past. Its not that hard. Just ice/water him well for a couple of days in a cooler, before sending him off to the great big freezer.

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The urban chickens and roosters here in Tampa/Ybor City are protected.

If that’s the case where you are, then just warn guests.


Pellet gun. Silent and deadly to chickens…

I loved this story in a local newspaper.
An elderly gentleman had lived all his life in the house he inherited from his mother. He had always kept chickens. A new neighbour next door who didn’t like the idea of chickens. He made many complaints to his local council about the chickens. Eventually they ended up at the tribunal.
The plaintiff put up his argument about noise, attracting vermin and the gentrifying inner city location. The old guy had 2 pieces of paper. One was the date that the regulation came in and the other was a photo. The regulations stated that those who had poultry could continue to keep them and the photo was of himself and his mother standing in front of his home when he was 5, and he was holding a chicken!