Unsure what rating to give guest

Hi everyone,

I am a relatively new host and am unsure what rating to give a recent guest, so I want to turn to the community to see what’s fair.

This guest is from overseas and forgot a power adapter to convert his countries plug to a standard US plug. He asked me where he could find one and I pointed him to a local store that had them in stock. I did not hear from him the rest of the time he stayed.

When he left we inspected the apartment and found it in great shape, a 5 star guest. However…we then found an extension cord he rigged up with electric tape. I am assuming he decided to just buy a cheap extension cord instead of the adapter.

I am relatively handy, but I wouldn’t feel comfortable with doing what he did in my house. The electric tape could have slipped off his device and caused a fire. I personally would give a 1 star rating, but I do realize I might be harsh when it comes to safety of my home.

So I wanted to turn to the community to make sure I’m being fair before leaving a review.


Also I’d like to upload an image, but believe I can’t because I am new.

That’s correct.

I really don’t quite understand the extent of the problem. We have hosts here who think it’s fine to plug space heaters into extension cords so you may not get the response you expect.

I had a guest take the cover off the window AC, unwrap the cord and plug it in. Meanwhile there’s also a cover on the exterior. I live right here next door but she didn’t message me or ask for help. She just helped herself so to speak. Luckily I heard the compressor kick in and went outside and removed the outside cover. I was upset and thought she could have burned out the whole unit. I posted about it here and got a collective shrug. Most people thought I was at fault. So, she never reviewed me and I didn’t review her. I would have given a thumbs down but most people thought what she did was reasonable.

So my guess is that most people would rate this guy as a 5 star guest. FYI, I have a converter on hand in the guest room. I think it was about $35 and no one has needed it but if you are going to be concerned about it it’s best to idiot guest proof your home.

Yes, idiot proofing , sorry, guest proofing is pretty essential. You have no way of knowing what guests will get up to so it’s better to be on the safe side.

I’m not quite understanding the problem though - was this an extension lead that plugs into a US socket on the wall and a [whatever, European?] appliance at the other end? If so, we supply those in the rentals and they are perfectly safe. (Mind you, I’ve always wondered about the safety of US plugs with their flexible prongs - they never seem to be 100% safe to me).

We also supply the adaptors, chargers for various devices and plenty of useful stuff for guests who are coming from outside the USA.

It sounds to me as though he’s a five star guest by what you say with just that one aberration. But if you think that other hosts should be warned about his electrical shenanigans then mention it in the review.

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I once had a couple of Koreans who blew all my fuses. I still don’t know how and what happened but my neighbour thankfully helped me out as I was in Africa at the time they messaged me for help.
I obviously asked what happened but they couldn’t tell me which was very strange.
Next message I get a couple of days later was that they broke my flat screen!
Guests do the most horrible and idiotic things. They knocked over the TV in an accident and paid for it without hesitation.
In my mind, if they brake stuff but pay the full amount - I don’t hold it against them in a review.
I always look at the intent and the context. But if nothing happening even tho they were irresponsible, I wouldnt hold it against them.

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Like jacquo I don’t understand the problem here. He attached the extension cord with tape to…what exactly? And how would that cause any damage, other that to paintwork?

It sounds like you need to provide accessible access points for electrical equipment.

Many airbnbs I’ve stayed in are really lacking in that - you need to move a heavy bedside table to plug in your phone, for example. Or there is only one obvious socket and everything needs to be switched off so you can use the hairdryer.

Check your listing out and see how you can improve this.


Unfortunately I couldn’t respond to any of you with my original account, if a mod could assist on getting my original account rights that would be very helpful.

A better explanation of the problem is that instead of buying an adapter, he bought an extension cord with a US plug. He then cut the female end off this extension cord and stripped the ends exposing the bare copper. He then electric taped the bare copper ends to his European plug. Then he plugged the US extension cord into the wall.

Hopefully that better explains it

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It’s just a matter of letting time pass by. But I’m beginning to think the setting is counterproductive since people are just creating a second account which is worse than spam. At least we can just delete spam. @jaquo what do you think?

Ok, I agree that’s a problem but again. I don’t know that other hosts would have. If he had just taken the extension cord with him you’d have never known the difference.

The problem is with the existing set up is that a new person has a query, we all pile in with our opinions, but then we think that the OP is being a bit rude by not replying … whereas in fact, it’s the system being awkward. I understand fully the anti-spam aspect but as you say that can be deleted.

Ah, I see. Probably not terribly dangerous if he knew what he was doing. (I wouldn’t do it because I’d blow something up). But again, I’d advise getting an adapter. They’re cheap and it makes it seem that you’ve thought of everything for your guests :slight_smile:

Getting the adapter is solid advice, I’ll be getting one of those.


I don’t even know what category you’d deduct stars in. I think you should just mention explicitly in the review what the guest did.

So a 5 star but let him know I didn’t appreciate the DIY adapter? I could leave that in the private note to the guest.

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I personally would only mention it in the private comments. The chances of a fire even if the tape slipped off are remote, but there’s this guy that I keep running into, don’t know is first name, but his last name is Murphy…

I find it a little weird that he brought his own extension cord, but maybe he travels a lot and he’s stayed at a few places where the outlets weren’t in convenient places.

BTW, I have adapters for northern Europe in the bathroom drawers for shavers and such, but I think I’m going to order some universal grounded adapters now.

In short he macgyvered that shit!
Am I the only one impressed?


Nope - the potential for a fire just freaks me out

In case people don’t know: Extension cords cause fires. I don’t think I gave this much thought until I met a fellow in home dog boarding host who described to me a fire she had in her home. An extension cord behind a sofa heated up and started a fire in the sofa. The home filled with smoke but didn’t burst into flame because all the doors and windows were closed so it didn’t get the oxygen needed. So while she was at work her home filled with smoke. 17 animals died that belonged to her or that she was fostering (she wasn’t boarding other people’s dogs yet).

Imagine being a host and having your home filled with smoke and your guests all passing away. Check those extension cords.

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I’m able to upload images now!

As of right now it seems the consensus is 5 stars, but include a private note. Anyone else have a differing opinion?

That is horrible! He could have started a fire and burn your house to the ground. I would give him a 3 star review and mention this in the review for other hosts to know. I would NOT host him knowing what he did. Also tell him in private that you appreciate what a nice guest he was but what he did there, with the electrical improvisation was not cool and downright dangerous! I’d also buy international adapter for every room, guest proofing against such a thing.

Also I’d add to the house rules: no tampering with the electrical system and no improvisation of any kind.

Actually thanks for posting, I am going to buy this for my house.


I agree with you, Jaustin77. I would have been furious! I would state in a non emotional way, just the facts, exactly what he did. The fact that this could have caused the line to short out or a fire is serious. If nothing else, I would have had to pay an electrician to examine the wiring to make sure the outlet was not compromised. I understand and have hosted complete idiots who do whatever they want even if the rules state otherwise. The platform would just say, “you didn’t disclose that a guests could not do that.” It is so frustrating, but the guest needs to be shown as what they are. Hope you never experience this again!


Also please do install fire alarms in every bedroom and carbon monoxide on the hallways and basement. i think ABB wants them anyway. After your experience I think I’ll put fire extinguisher in every room rather than just one in the kitchen.

I understand your discomfort, but like @KKC mentions, you wouldn’t have known if the guest took the cord with when they left. Electrical tape doesn’t just fall off - it’s electrical tape!!! Seems like the guest knew what she/he was doing. (Maybe the guest is an electrician?!) I might have done the same thing in a pinch (love the macgyvered reference @Flyboy) - an extension cord is a lot less expensive than a converter (or a set - if that’s all you can find). I’ve wired a house and performed many other electrical repairs on gadgets. You can have a problem with ANY extension cord if you overload it - that’s why there are different gauges. You can’t run a high demand appliance on the basic type extension cord designed to run lights and radios.

Get converters for your guests and this will never be a problem again.

I get it. Electricity scares people who don’t understand how it works. However, if one does know, that person is probably more inclined to be cautious when splicing wires together. Also, it’s not likely that the guest was tugging extensively on the cord or dragging objects with it - it’s not a rope. Go to almost any job site and I will bet there is at least one extension that has electrical tape on it, or has had the connections at the plug end reattached.

To sum up - There are irresponsible guests, there are knowledgeable and respectful ones, and there are many shades in between. I don’t see a problem here. From the evidence, it looks like the guest knew what they were doing. If you are uncomfortable, then let the guest know in private messaging. I don’t think I would mention it in the review.